After a rough night with the girls (I will write about that in a bit.) I went outside to check on my hen that was laying on about 17 eggs and…

they are all gone!!
The hen…the eggs…everything!
I am so upset right now! I hate that they are missing and have my fingers crossed that she just moved the nest…but that is very doubtful.
We were allowing the chickens to roam around our back yard freely. They really seemed to like getting out of them coop. When Lady chose to lay her eggs outside of it we were a little worried but went with it. They have been there for at least a week and for some reason they disappeared last night. I know that there is a HUGE chance that something got them, however, the lack of blood or egg shells makes me wonder. There are some feathers in the fence…but that could be from where Lady liked to squeeze her big bum through there! I wonder if our new addtions to the coop could have caused her to move the nest?!? Ugh I need to do a lot of research on chickens now! I just don’t know!
We got our new hens and a rooster yesterday.
They are gorgeous little things and I hope that they will start laying soon…but I still want my Lady back! These guys are called Silver Spangled Hamburgs. They are apparently sort of rare around here which is kind of cool. Maybe we can get them to lay some eggs and get bitties 🙂
We were given some plans on how to build a relatively cheap incubator and are planning on building it soon. We hope that we don’t have to use it…however, if the hens aren’t laying on the eggs we may try to hatch them ourselves! I will keep you up to date and take pictures (possibly some video) as we build our new coop and our incubator!

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