Random Discoveries

Today was a big milestone moment for me… I had my one-month post-op check up with the neurosurgeon and I was so damn nervous about what the results would be.

The last week or so I’ve had a little bit of pain and swelling as well as some bruising along my back that I have no idea where came from. I was so scared that I was going to go in and have the doctor tell me I was the 1 in 3 (Who am I kidding… it seems like I’m always the unlucky 1 in 3 if it’s a possibility!) and was going to have to have the second surgery. While that’s still a possibility of course… at the moment I am finally cleared… well, sort of.

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As I sit here putting together these images, I can’t help but cry. They are tears of joy, pride, and even a little sadness. Annaliese turned four on the seventh… and now Emalee is eight years old today… Continue reading “Birthdays”

No Filters. No Judgments. Just Life!

Southern Mess Moms is no longer a one-woman show! My bestie and fellow messy mom has decided to join me on this amazing journey and share about the chaos that comes along with motherhood ­čÖé

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Under Construction

I know that I’ve been gone for quite a while… things around here have been pretty insane. Mix that with the negative comments I mentioned in my post, Shame On Me, and I sort of just stopped writing on here. I let myself focus on being a mom and actually managed to self-publish not one but TWO paranormal romance novels, they are both available on Amazon! (I’m working on the third now!)

But now… I feel the need to get back to my blog. To stop allowing people’s negative thoughts get to me and be myself. I used to have so much fun with Southern Mess Moms and I want that again. I promise that I will have some new content available for you guys soon and slowly but surely get all of the old content organized in a way that you can actually find it again… it’s just going to take me a little time.

There are some pretty awesome things in the works for Southern Mess Moms and I can’t wait for you guys to join me on my Journey to a new me and all of the other fun things that will come along with it!

8 Month Old’s Guide to Mommy’s Insanity

Hi guys!

Guess who it is???

If you are thinking it’s Becca…well THINK AGAIN!

It’s Annaliese!! Hehe Yep…that’s right! I got Mommy’s blog all to myself today!


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New Kid by Friday: Part 2

Mommy’s Time Out time!!

Time for the introduction of the book New Kid By Friday!

If you missed part 1 be sure to check it out here!

It’s here!! You know you need a few good laughs!

I know the camera angle sucks…I didn’t realize that it was so high…apparently Emalee put the chair lower!
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Super Mom Tag

Mommy’s Time Out: Super Mom Tag!!
Super Mom Tag
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