FunBites: When Bites Become Fun


I was given the awesome opportunity to do a review of FunBites!


For those of you that aren’t familiar with FunBites, they are these awesome little things that easily cut food into cute little shapes. Who doesn’t love shaped food right?!? Continue reading “FunBites: When Bites Become Fun”

How To: Use Inlinkz On Your Blog

Have you participated in an awesome Linky Party or Blog hop recently? Ever wonder how they manage to set up all that every week?!?

I know I sure did! The answer is simple…!

For today’show to tuesdays

I decided to do a walk through of and let you guys in on the secret of how easy it can be!

Curious? Then keep reading! Continue reading “How To: Use Inlinkz On Your Blog”

Mischievous Voting!

Okay guys! It is time to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Or maybe I should say vote, vote! Because you get TWO awesome votes!

Let’s have fun re-visiting these hilarious stories and vote for your favorite πŸ™‚ Who knows I may just have to come up with a small surprise for the person with the most votes! πŸ™‚

Silly Bunny You Confused My Kid!

Okay guys! This is my Mischievous Monday post πŸ™‚

I am SUPER excited about this weeks hop! Guess what…we have a new feature!! Once the hop is over (1 am on Tuesday EST.) you will be able to VOTE for your favorite story!! HOW TOTALLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME IS THAT?!?

If you want to join in on the hop, just click on over to the Blog Hops page and link up to your awesome moments!

Now for my Mischievous Moment of the week!
Continue reading “Silly Bunny You Confused My Kid!”

GIVEAWAY: $20 gift certificate and sugar fix scrub to Perfectly Posh

So maybe you guys are like me and have no idea what Perfectly Posh is!

I admit it, before I was asked to participate in this giveaway I HAD NO CLUE! I did the usual smile and nod thing as I quietly Googled it (got to love Google).

What I found is this:

Perfectly Posh has purely pampering products from face wash to lip scrubs that all look absolutely scrumptious! Continue reading “GIVEAWAY: $20 gift certificate and sugar fix scrub to Perfectly Posh”

Caption This #3

I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with for Caption this #3!

The last two weeks have been hilarious! I have a blast biting my nails while I wait to see who will comment and what it will be! Don’t let me down this time!

Last weeks Caption this was won by Courtsie Ann B and Mommy Mentionables! They have had a week of FREE ad space on my side bar!

Now for this weeks Caption This photo: Continue reading “Caption This #3”

Sink of Shame: L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert

sunday sink of shame

It’s that time again!

Time for me to humiliate myself by showing you yet another of my many items in the Sink of Shame!

Last week we talked about how L’Oreal’s Total Repair 5Β can help if you dye your hair a lot or just have unhealthy hair.

This week I am finally getting to a product that I am NOT currently using.

L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert Shampoo & Conditioner Continue reading “Sink of Shame: L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert”

Pinteresting Bloggers-ABCs of Blogging

You guys KNOW from a few posts that I have done: How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Blog and Pinterest Whore, that I likeΒ ADORE Pinterest!
I want to share my addiction obsession love of Pinterest with others, so I decided it was about time for an awesome game!

A Pinterest Scavenger Hunt – The ABCs of blogging!

There is NO list for this hunt! You simply find a post that you feel fits each letter of the alphabet that would be helpful to you as a blogger! πŸ™‚

I know…you are totally doing your happy dance right now! Some of you may need a bathroom break from all the excitement! Don’t worry we will be here when you get back! πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Pinteresting Bloggers-ABCs of Blogging”

Sit Around Saturday: A Few Days in The Life of Courtsie Ann B




My absolute FAVORITE day of the week! Saturday’s are so much fun these days! I am loving getting to know more about my favorite blogs to read πŸ™‚

This week we will be sitting around with the lovely, wonderful, amazing, totally epic Courtney fromcourtsieannb Continue reading “Sit Around Saturday: A Few Days in The Life of Courtsie Ann B”

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ema


Today’s cooking with Ema is going to be loads of fun!

We made cookies! Chocolate chip ones too! I was super proud of how they turned out and will be included the recipe on our new page as soon as I get it up and running!

So here goes! How to make chocolate chip cookies with Ema (through pictures of course!):


Step 1: Get your ingredients (mommy did that for me) & mix them all together! This is the fun & messy part!


Step 2: Melt the butter so it’s easy for me to mix together. (Most recipes say to just soften it…but we always melt it all the way so little people can mix it up too!)


Step 3: Mix your butter into the bowl of flour and stuff. It takes a while to get it all mixed up..just keep tasting it throughout to make sure all sections taste the same! You don’t want to mess up and end up having a spot that doesn’t taste as good!


Step 4: Make mommy help when your arm gets tired and you don’t wan to stir anymore! (That stuff is thick and tough! I promise mommy’s can do it much faster!)

Step 5: use a spoon to put messy yummy balls on the pan (grease it first)! Be sure to put more onto the spoon than you need to, this way you have an excuse to eat it! (See…even mommy ate some!)


Step 6: Stop and let mommy take pictures of the cookie dough…weird step but hey that’s what we did! This stuff tastes even yummier than it looks! (I think it’s the brown sugar that makes it extra yummy!)


Step 7: Let mommy put them into the oh so hot oven and wait not so patiently as they bake!

Step 8: Wait AGAIN as mommy takes more pictures….she seriously doesn’t understand how serious it is to wait 10 minutes on cookies to bake! They smell super yummy and I want one NOW!

Do you cook with your little ones? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook together?