EnoughI realized something yesterday while at a cookout for a friend.

Something pretty big!

Something awesomely amazing! Yes, I realize that probably isn’t grammatically correct. Hush! It expresses how I feel!

The realization, epiphany, understanding that I came to is… Continue reading “ENOUGH!”

Guest Post! Growing Up Madison!

I got the chance to do my very first guest post today!!
Super excited to be a part of one of my favorite blogs to read, Growing Up Madison!
Be sure to check out the post I did:

A Toddler’s Guide to the Terrible Twos

as well as explore the rest of the awesome site! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Top Laughs #2

Saturday…oh Saturday…how I love you!

If only my children would sleep in! I would love you even more, but alas that is not in the books for me.

My kids are up by 8 a.m. pretty much every day!

Saturday means that it is time yet again for me to link up with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for my second Saturday full of laughs! Come join in on all the fun! Continue reading “Top Laughs #2”

Hitting the Trails! Nervous!

Well…after a sum total of 6 days…count them SIX!

I am finally ready to brave the trails and go for a walk with my girls again! Not going far…just to the farm!

He was right about there!!

I haven’t decided if I am going to take the back road or not…that dang snake still has me frazzled!

Goes to show there is still a HUGE difference in “Knowing” and “KNOWING”!

For those of you that needed a reminder of why I haven’t walked outside for 6 days!

Wait….The Kids Will Be Here?!?

Who wants to be a stay at home mom?!?

We all idealize the concept of being a SAHM.

“Oh it is going to be fabulous! I’m going to keep the house clean, play with the kids some, do crafts, get some reading done….” the list goes on and on of our “plans”!
So my first few weeks of being a stay at home mommy went super well!

I had the baby taken care of, I was on a cleaning schedule and the house looked awesome ( I mean to the point that the hubby couldn’t tell what I did that day), I cooked dinner (although not very well), and I was able to read like crazy!

I should probably mention here that my career as a SAHM started in March. I was staying home before that but I was on bed rest and unable to do anything! Continue reading “Wait….The Kids Will Be Here?!?”

Welcome to Hick-Ville…Population ME!

Have you ever read a news article from your local newspaper that made you literally *face palm*?

I had one of those moments this morning!

I sit down and start digging through my massive amounts of email and Facebook posts and run across an article that left me speechless.

Blog a Day for 30 days!


I have joined the challenge and decided that I will keep doing my Mommy’s Timeouts in order to complete it! This is day one of the challenge!

I will complete the challenge on July 27!!

If you are interested in joining in on the challenge and choosing to ignore your household responsibilities blog Who am I kidding? We all know we spend more time blogging than we should! every day for 30 days then go on over to Delectably Dawn and get started!

Summer Challenge Day #3

I have to say that I didn’t expect to have any problems doing this challenge.

Honestly, the working out part and eating well…I totally got this!

Only drinking water?!? Well…I didn’t think that would be a biggie either!

Ugh! I am having trouble sleeping, head aches non-stop…basically all signs of


That’s right…I am having withdrawal symptoms over sugary drinks! Oh my gosh!! Seriously?!?
I didn’t think I drank them that often!
Apparently, I drank them often enough to cause myself to become “addicted”!
Guys, you seriously need to look at how much you drink that has sugar in it and see if you can cut back! I never once thought that I drank that much sugary drinks. I was wrong! I admit that now…and I will make it through this. 
Just wanted to share that I never thought I would have these problems with only drinking water.

Google Reader Gone…Bloglovin'!

If you hadn’t heard already…you must have been under a rock! Hehe…just kidding!

Google Reader is going away! Please read the following link to explain what is going on and what you can do to keep following my blog if you are currently following via Google Reader 🙂