How To Use Hootsuite


 Do you love HootSuite?

Maybe you have heard of HootSuite but were scared to give it a try…it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start! Continue reading “How To Use Hootsuite”

5 Reasons To Use HootSuite

This weeks


is going to focus on the awesomeness that is HootSuite! Continue reading “5 Reasons To Use HootSuite”


Reviews & Giveaways sheets for the NEW FREE BLOG PLANNER!!

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Inlinkz Part 2: How to Organize Your Page

This week onhowtotuesdays

I am going to show you a new way to use Inlinkz!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am constantly fighting with a few of my pages! I have the hardest time getting my images to line up and look good on pages like: Blogging Tips and Recipes.

I’ll get it to look right and then create a new page, add it to my list and BAM! it’s all messed up again! UGH!


Did you know that Inlinkz can help you fix this problem???  Yeah I didn’t either…  Continue reading “Inlinkz Part 2: How to Organize Your Page”

MMMMM….It feels soooo GOOD!

Yes…I did mean for that to come across rather raunchy…sorry!

I know I was being completely silly and WRONG a few minutes ago. During a conversation with one of my favorite bloggers, Dawn from Delectably Dawn, I kind of sort of maybe used a (what I thought was) new word!!

Ready for some back story?!?Here is our little conversation from earlier…  Continue reading “MMMMM….It feels soooo GOOD!”

How To: Use Inlinkz On Your Blog

Have you participated in an awesome Linky Party or Blog hop recently? Ever wonder how they manage to set up all that every week?!?

I know I sure did! The answer is simple…!

For today’show to tuesdays

I decided to do a walk through of and let you guys in on the secret of how easy it can be!

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