When Barbie Goes Bad

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I’m hoping that this weeks story will lead to an entire new page on Southern Mess Moms! I really want you guys to share your very own When Barbie Goes Bad with me!

Okay…so if you are a mom of a girl I’m sure you have a Barbie or two around your house…I’m not entirely sure if boys do the same with their GI Joes and action figures or not…

I can’t explain it…I have no good explanation as to why…



Don’t get me wrong, we have bought Emalee all sorts of clothes for her Barbies and she has a blast playing dress up!

However, for some unknown and let’s be honest slightly creepy reason…when she is done playing Barbie is always nakie!

So anyways…on to my story!

I go into Ema and Anna’s bathroom to go potty…while sitting there like I’m waiting on the freaking buss as my hubby (The Creepster) so kindly puts it  I happen to glance over at the sink…

When Barbie Goes Bad


When I asked Ema about the Barbie on the sink…she said “She was helping me give the ponies a bath Mommy.” and walked away like that was perfectly normal!!

So please comment below and tell me…or SHOW ME what compromising positions have you found your child’s toys in? I chose to “censor” this image for those of you with virgin eyes…you are welcome!

Now it’s your turn! Link up and share your stories…please! I need to know I’m not alone!

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