Blogger 2 Blogger #2

blogger2bloggerAre you ready??

It’s time for another Blogger 2 Blogger!!

This week we are changing it up a bit to try and make it less complicated and easier for more people to join in on the fun!

Instead of partnering up we are all going to answer the same questions 🙂 I am thinking we will do a different “theme” each week…but I want you guys to help me come up with the questions!

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Blogger 2 Blogger: Southern Mess Moms

This weeks theme is “silly”! I know…that’s a broad one! Here is what you guys came up with:

If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?

Hmm…what animal would I be??? What a WEIRD and yet totally awesome question! I guess I would be a chipmunk, simply because they are adorable and I totally love nuts! Mind out of the gutter here people!!

What are some “silly” things you said, did or had happen to you during the exhausting few months after your baby/babies were born?

Oh gosh..there are soooo many to choose from! I think my favorite is how often I went out in public with spit up on me and totally had no clue! I mean come on…who doesn’t tell the mom that she has spit up somewhere?? However, with Anna I did end up out at an Easter party and ended up covered in poo while changing her EXPLOSIVE diaper on a picnic table surrounded by moms lol

As moms we all go through sleepless nights, spit-up covered shirts and nappy hair while our newborn babies need 24/7 attention. What are some funny/silly things that happened during this time?

Hahaha All I can say to that one is “Wait…THAT’S NOT MY CAT!!!” Basically, due to lack of sleep I made a mistake when it came to feeding animals! lol

What has your child done to make you laugh this week?

Umm…what haven’t they done??? Nah, seriously I don’t think anything will top the Princess Panties in the Lunchroom incident! I still cannot believe that Ema showed another little girl her panties in the middle of the lunchroom at school!

What is the most embarrassing thing your kid has done in public?

Honestly…I don’t know that either of them has ever done anything truly embarrassing in public. However, I can share something funny/embarrassing that I did a few weeks back.

While shopping at Target, alone with Anna without a stroller no smart remarks…the kid is totally sitting up in the buggy now and it’s a lot less work lol AND I SUDDENLY HAD TO PEE. Yeah umm…I had to try to pee while holding my kid in a public bathroom stall!

Let’s just say that it was hilarious and I heard at least two other women laughing along with me as I tried to get my pants down and up!

If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

This one is totally legit! I swear!! I would have the super power of turning water into wine! It would save a lot of lives over the years I promise!! I mean come on…who doesn’t love a good glass of wine…it totally relaxes and relieves stress…which keeps moms from killing people!

If you could have any one toy what would it be? Why?

Hmm…just one?? My kindle is my best friend…but technically not a toy…so let’s see…can’t say a B.O.B haha this isn’t that kind of blog!

OOO I got it! I’m gonna go all techie dork here and say Google Glasses!


These things are totally awesome!! I mean really…who doesn’t want something this futuristic looking! If you don’t know what these things are you totally need to CLICK HERE and check them out! I am super ready for them to be out for public use!!

If someone made a holiday dedicated to you, what would it be called? Why?

Winetober! Hehe…you totally see where I’m going with most of these answers right?? I miss my wine!!

Basically Winetober (which probably takes place in October or something but I’m not picky) goes like this:

30 days of craft wine…you must drink a FULL bottle of a different  craft wine each day!

The holiday culminates on the 31st with a MASSIVE festival where everyone votes for their favorite wine…all water bottles are replaced with wine…instead of wet t-shirt contests, we have wine t-shirt contests….basically an all out binge!

The following month here-to-known as Hangovember will be dedicated to recovery!

Okay people…please calm down and don’t call DSS on me or something! This is a joke! I would NEVER drink that much in one night…and if I did my kids totally wouldn’t be here when I did it!

What song best describes you? Why?

Lee Brice: She Ain’t Right…I have been told by several people that the chick described in this video matches me pretty dang well…and yeah it’s either this or Buck Cherry Crazy B*tch! lol

If you were a cartoon character who would you be? Why?

Marvin Martian…because well he has to explain everything he does! He can’t simply just go do it and get it done!

Oh no! He has to talk you through every step he takes!

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That is totally me! I am either singing or talking about EVERY little thing that I do!

Okay! There are you questions!! Please be sure to post them with YOUR answers (text, pictures, or video it’s up to you!) on Thursday! At the end of your post, please insert this code so others can link up and join in on the fun!

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