Mischievous Monday #4

I am super excited about this Mischievous Monday!
Today is the very first Mischievous Monday blog hop!!
I hope a lot of you guys are posting your stories on your blogs and linking up so that everyone can visit and get a good giggle 🙂

Mischievous Monday #3

It’s that time again!
Be sure to get in your stories of the MOST mischievous, devious little things that happened in your house this week!
Hey it could even be something that you did!
If you didn’t get to join in this week and would like to next week please just send me the following information:

Blog Name, a link to your blog, (a short description of your blog if you would like), how many children you have, ages, and the most mischievous moment of the week with a picture if you have one!

If you don’t have a blog but still want to share your story, which I would be thrilled to hear, you can just send me your name (or a nickname if you want to be anonymous), how many children you have, ages, and the most mischievous moment of the week with a picture if you have one!


Cowboy Boots & Tutus

My four year old makes me feel ashamed, less than fantastic, old fashioned, frumpy, hmm…I’m sure there are other ways of saying it!

Yes, that’s right! I some how have let my FOUR year old make me feel like I don’t dress well enough!

Okay, I’m sure you are quite confused by now. You’re probably thinking “Come on Becca, she’s four! How could she possibly make you feel like that?”

Well…you see what had happened was…

Emalee is slightly HUGELY obsessed with Barbie and Barbie movies lately. I really don’t have a problem with it. Most of these movies have excellent morals and examples for children to follow.

Every Barbie movie has it’s very own moral…I’m sure some of you guys want to know what they are…so here is a link to a list of them!

Yes I took the time to find them all 🙂 It is listed on the back of the DVD, yes she has all of these! After taking the time to get it off the boxes, my slow self realized that there is a website you can get it from 🙁 I so should have googled it first!

Okay, so I know that A Fashion Fairytale has a moral. It is an amazing move…however…my child has learned something more from this movie…

“Mommy, that is so not fashionable! You can’t go out in that!”

Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating!
My four year old has told me on several occasions that I’m not fashionable 🙁
This makes me sad!
My hubby laughs at me and kindly points out…you are worried about fashion advice from a four year old that dresses like this!!