Footprint Butterfly

I found this idea on Pinterest and absolutely adored it! I simply HAD to try it…for those of you who read my blog regularly you have probably figured out that I sometimes bite off more than I can chew with projects…well this was no different!

It turned out wonderful and we had a blast doing it, however, IT WAS MESSY!!

Emalee wasn’t too difficult. She said me putting the paint on her feet tickled pretty badly, but at least she didn’t end up with paint all over herself!

Then came Annaliese….yeah, umm…who thought paint and a newborn were a good mixture?!?!

Oh yeah…I did!!

Boy was I wrong! Anyways, after many, many failed attempts (I wish my hubby had taken pictures of me trying to do this.) I finally got a good one out of it!

Although you will probably be thinking “duh Becca, we know these things” I am going to share some of the things I realized as I tried this project!

What I learned:
-I felt like it looked odd with just the butterfly, so I added some flowers and such to it.
-With older children it is easiest if they sit in a tall chair that makes it so their feet CANNOT reach the floor.
-Paint their feet one at a time.
-Wash their foot before you start on the next one. Baby wipes work well.
-Bring the board to their feet instead of their feet to the board.
-Use that thick presentation poster board stuff…paper is really difficult with infants.
(With older kids paper is fine…just lay it on the ground beneath their seat and guide their foot to the paper  when they stand.)

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