No Filters. No Judgments. Just Life!

Southern Mess Moms is no longer a one-woman show! My bestie and fellow messy mom has decided to join me on this amazing journey and share about the chaos that comes along with motherhood 🙂

Want to learn more about each of us? Read on for some behind the scenes madness!

Alright, I guess I’ll start things off. My name is Becca and I am one hell of a mess when it comes to… well everything! Life is messy and I love it! I married my high school sweetheart (Usually called The Hubs) and we have 2 awesome little girls, Emalee and Annaliese. Just to keep things interesting (Because ya know being a mom of 2 isn’t enough right??) we also have a house and yard full of animals. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 guinea pigs, 20 something odd chickens (constantly growing) and are about to get a bearded dragon… oh and did I mention the goats we are working on getting?!

In my spare time (HAHAHA I kind of remember what that is…) I am an Indie author of a paranormal romance series. You can find my books on Amazon… but they are definitely NOT kid friendly! I’ll probably post about it from time to time… it’s been a crazy ride but one that I definitely don’t regret. I also love to play video/board games… yep I’m a total dork and don’t have a single moment of embarrassment over it.

So why Southern Mess Moms? Why blog? Well… mainly because, like most moms, I kept feeling like I was screwing up on pretty much a daily basis. Yet in this ‘Pinterest Perfect’ world we live in when I look around all I see are these moms doing it all right. I often found myself wondering if I was the only one that couldn’t get it right the first go round. Over time I realized that I was far from alone. Most moms have the exact same thoughts that I had… we were all just too scared to admit it.

We were all too scared to let people see the chaos beneath the surface. Mind you the struggle to tread water and only let people see the calm and collected you just made things worse. We all know that while our head may be above water at the moment… all it will take is one small misstep and everything will come tumbling down around us.

Maybe you’ve had one of those days, or maybe even a few in a row, where you feel like you are doing everything wrong. Maybe someone made a snide remark about your children, or your house, your choice to stay at home? Maybe someone flat out said you were a bad mom… well you know what I have to say about that?? Don’t listen to them! We are all going to have bad days. We are all going to mess up and make mistakes. Being a mother means finding a way to balance out the chaos and keep your head above water. My kids’ favorite show (The Magic School Bus) often says my mommy moto: “Take chances! Make mistakes! Get Messy!”

I created Southern Mess Moms as a way of letting other moms see that it is okay to not get it right the first time. It’s okay to be a complete and utter mess! I am a work in progress, I am far from perfect… and both of those things are perfectly acceptable! I started this blog as an outlet for some fo the random things that happen throughout the day as well as the crazy things constantly running through my head. I love my quirky attitude, sense of humor, and constant thirst for knowledge and I hope you will too!

To me, Southern Mess Moms is a place to come that has no filters… no judgments… just real life!

Now to find out a bit more about my co-blogger, Amanda!

Introductions-Yeah, I suck at them. Somehow just saying “Hey, I’m Amanda” and expecting you to understand what I’m all about just doesn’t seem to really cut it. But I’ll give it a go anyways-
Hey! I’m Amanda- Though most people just call me Blondie. I’ll give you two guesses why! Yup-I’m a blonde.
I’m 29-years-old and a Marine Wife as well as a mother of two amazing but crazy ass children. I’m a Cali girl, born an raised, but I currently reside in the beautiful but weatherly bipolar state of North Carolina. Though we will probably be moving again in a year or so. Thanks Marine Corps! To say my life is ‘crazy’ or ‘hectic’ would be a massive understatement. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!
Interests? Yeah, I have a few of those! Let’s name a few of them, shall we?
Music. Absolutely LOVE music. Anything I can sing and dance to and I’m all for it. Random, impromptu dance parties with my kids are my forte!
I am also very big into reading. I just LOVE to read, whenever I get a free moment. Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Crime, Apocalyptic/Zombies. My tastes vary a lot depending on my mood. But if it is well written, has a good story-line and character development then I’m in! I also have a Book Blog on Facebook that provides honest reviews of the books we have read. We are a group of 4 amazing girls who like to share anything and everything about books! Feel free to check it out!
Another interest that I possess is writing. I love to write and I do it all the time. Mainly, I write Fanfiction on my favorite shows with my own little twists and turns as well as original characters. NO, I DO NOT WRITE SLASH FIC! I don’t change the story much other than adding my own flare. However, recently, me and a friend of mine finished our first full length, completely original, novel. No, it hasn’t been published, though she seems hell bent on it. We just haven’t agreed on that part yet. I just like writing because I find it strangely calming. It helps me to de-stress in my otherwise stressful life!
As you can see, once I start writing, I just keep going and I have to make a conscious effort to stop myself. Which I will attempt to do now and try to bring this introduction to a close. The rest, you can learn as we go!
When Becca asked me to join her on this blogging journey, I was both excited and nervous. I could totally use a place to vent my feelings and emotions and tell the crazy things my kids do sometimes, though I was nervous as to what others might think of me and my parenting skills. The way I do things, may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I have already been given shit several times for “bringing children into the military life” which is so “unstable”. I would also like to add here that I married the Man not the Uniform and we wanted to start a family!  But then I thought, to hell with it. This is MY life. It’s raw, messy, uncensored and uncut. It’s not for everyone, but it’s the life I chose!

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