This again?!?

Okay, come on and be honest…

I know I am not alone in this one! This is another one of those things we moms often think but try not to say.

Come on now, I know you have had the conversation I just had…

“What do you want to watch this morning?”

“(Insert favorite show/movie here)”

“But you just watched that, don’t you want one of the other movies you have?”

“Nope. I want (insert favorite show/movie). I like it!”

“Well, okay. But just one more time.”

….twelve watches later

“Okay ready for one of the other great movies you have now?!?!” (On the verge of yelling but holding back with your last ounce of will power.)

“But I like this one!”

“Sweetie, we have seen this so many time you and mommy can act this one out now if we wanted!”

“Okay, if that’s what you wanna do! But I wanna watch it again after we finish!”

Okay…someone please remind me that sarcasm is lost on four year olds! Now I get to act out a show I have come to loathe!

Heck I am starting to worry my youngest’s first words will be something from the theme song!

This show’s song has joined my nightmares with the jason theme lol

Please tell me I am not alone!

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