Why I Smell Like Poop!

“Mommy….why do you smell like poop?”

Okay…so maybe…JUST maybe…Ema asked me this question today.

Then again maybe she didn’t!

Maybe I am making all of this up. (at least I wish I was)

While sitting on the couch quietly contemplating what I wanted to do with my day, haha like I really have a choice, Ema decides she wants to come and cuddle with me.

I was super excited and happy to get some sweet cuddle time! I love cuddle time, well most of the time I love cuddle time. Every now and then even mommy wants to be alone!

So after a few minutes of watching TV and cuddling with my sweet, sweet girl she glances up at me with her nose all scrunched up and a quizzical look on her face.

I can tell that she wants to ask me something but isn’t really sure that she should. So I wait patiently for her to decide.

She lays her head back down and then sits back up again…this time holding her nose!

I can’t help but think…what the hell? I showered today! I so don’t stink! I would smell it…

Ema so sweet and innocently looks at me and bluntly asks, “Mommy…why do you smell like poop?”

My jaw drops! I so do NOT smell like poop!

Oh my gosh! What has gotten into this child?!?

I wait for a second to catch my breath and decide how to answer. I don’t want to sound mean or anything…but I also want to clear up this issue.

I calmly tell her that she must be mistaken. I do not smell like poop.

“Yes you do mommy…here smell!” (As she lifts my t-shirt up…)

This is when I notice something….

Oh my gosh!! I DO SMELL LIKE POOP! Want to know why?

Bet some of you moms have already guessed it…but for those of you who are still curious…

apparently while changing a rather gross explosion my youngest had this morning I got poop on my shirt AND DID NOT NOTICE!

How awful is it that I had poop on me for at least thirty minutes to an hour and had no clue!

Okay now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself on here…I think I will go and hide in a corner while I try to get over my shame!

Okay so I found TWO HILARIOUS images at How to Be a Dad and just had to share with this post because they were awesomely inappropriate and hilarious!  Be sure to go check them out!

Hope you enjoy and please do share some types of poopie diapers that you have been witness to!

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