Sleep is for WUSSIES!

Yeah, I said it! Now what?!?

Haha! Okay calm down..I’m just kidding!

We all know that we technically need sleep but the question often arises how can we get some?

Most night I am pretty lucky. My girls sleep really well. My four year old is generally in bed by 8:30 or 9 and my 3 month old is usually out for the night by 10.

However, every now and then my kids team up and plot against me! I swear last night was one of those nights. Some how they managed a perfect tag team match up against little ol’ me!

Guess who won?!?

Your right! It so wasn’t me!

By 1 a.m. I felt like I was dead on my feet and was thrilled when I finally got Anna to lay down in her crib and stop screaming. This whole teething early thing is driving me crazy!

Ema had been asleep for a while so I thought, “Hey it’s my turn!”

Umm…wishful thinking!

The second, and I mean literally the second, my head hit the pillow and I closed my eyes I heard little feet running through the house. I sighed and waited, knowing that she would be beside my bed within a minute or two.

Honestly, the kid has her creepy moments. She woke up one morning and told her me that she had gotten up the night before but that she didn’t want to wake us up. So instead she chose to stand next to my bed and watch me sleep! OH MY GOSH!! How creepy is that??? I love my kid and all but personal space and all that good stuff! I mean I have no idea how often she has done this, or how long she stood by my bed just watching! 

Okay, sorry got off on a tangent. I promise I really do love my daughter! (I hope sharing things like this convey the humor I mean for them to and not come across as anything else.)

So in comes Ema. Apparently, she thought something had come into her room, while the door was closed, and jumped onto her bed. She got scared and decided she should have someone check her bed. Mind you her bed looks like this…
…because I refuse to clean it for her and she has decided to be lazy for a few days now. I have really got to start being a little more strict with her bed. She keeps everything else pretty clean at least.

Anyways, sorry another tangent…got to stay focused! Okay so I go in and dig through all of the junk on her bed to prove that there is absolutely nothing that moves on it. She then climbs back into bed and I head for mine.

I lay down and start to doze when I hear a grunt. I glance up at the baby monitor and can’t help the moan that comes from me…you have to be kidding me!!

I wait for it…I know my child well enough by now…any minute now…and yep there it is a scream to end all screams. Anna is officially awake and probably needs her diaper changed!

So yet again, up I go heading for a kids room. I change her diaper, which I have to say just EWWW what caused that explosion?? After spending a good twenty minutes trying to rock her to sleep I finally get her close enough that I can lay her down!

Yay! Mommy gets to go to bed!

Or does she? I am sitting down on the bed as Ema comes walking in again!! HOLY CRAP!

Are these girls trying to make me cry? Because they are close! It is around 2:30 a.m. at this point and I still have not slept!

So up I go, again, and take Ema back to bed. This time apparently her blanket didn’t cover her feet and she got cold. Okay simple enough! I lay her down, cover her up and go back to bed.

I actually fit in around 30 minutes of sleep this time. Then Anna is up again!

Apparently now she is hungry…she can usually make it through the night without a bottle now but last night she was apparently she was a starving baby. I go in, give her her pacifier (which does not calm her down one little bit), go to the kitchen to make the bottle and proceed to feed her and rock her back to sleep yet again.

Get into my wonderfully comfortable bed that I am dying to stay in when I hear feet!!

Really? Seriously? Your not kidding right?

Ema needed to potty and couldn’t find the toiled paper…so I had to get up and help her. Come on…it was in the little metal thing on the side of the potty like it always is!

Glancing at the clock I see that it is after 4 in the morning. I hand her the paper, wait on her to finish and wash her hands, then put her back in bed, making sure her feet are covered.

I slowly creep back to my bedroom. I’m almost scared to lay down! Maybe if I try to sleep on the couch they will let me? I’m willing to try anything at this point. I’ve heard my husband giggle a few times when I got up…meanie! (Better be glad I love you so dang much!)

I crawl into my bed, lay my head down, close my eyes and take a nice deep breath.

And then….

it’s morning!!! My girls are not late sleepers, they are generally up by 8 at the latest and today is no exception. Now they are up, full of energy, and ready for a fun filled day! How can they have that much energy after tag teaming that way all night?

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