The Date Night Special

We went on a date! An actual, no kids, take our time, DATE!

Wow, we haven’t done this in quite a while! It was awesome! I had so much fun chatting and joking around without having to worry about saying the wrong thing.
We decided to go to a local restaurant called The Golden Dragon, a Japanese place! While I was pregnant I kept saying that I wanted sushi, which I had never had, so Daniel decided that today we were going to fix that! I was a little apprehensive about the whole raw
fish thing…but off we went!
First off…the menu was HUGE! I mean like six pages full of small text huge!
I suppose this is a good thing because we had a lot to choose from. However, all I could think about was that Gordon Ramsey would be livid if he saw it!
 Okay so maybe I watch a it too much Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares…don’t judge me!
We dug through the menu until we found the different types of sushi.

They had a vast variety of raw and cooked. I was utterly confused as to what any of it meant…so Daniel translated for me.

I made the mistake of asking the waiter some questions about the menu…umm…I’m still curious! I couldn’t understand a single word he said!
Holy crap!
People talk that fast?!?
Daniel, once again, was able to translate and help me with my question.
I went with the California roll and Daniel got the Salmon roll and Tuna roll. We then sat around waiting for a rather short period of time.
To have been so short we sure did have a lot of fun! We joked around about Asian food…totally inappropriate jokes (sorry…guess we couldn’t help ourselves). We were the only customers in the place so of course I had to bring it up. Daniels response was that only old people went out to eat as early as we did…and old people don’t eat Japanese food.
Of course I had to ask why…
“because if they spend all that time gumming their food they don’t wanna be hungry again in under an hour!”
I just sighed and shook my head while he laughed like crazy, got to love guy humor. That is so no right!
When our food came, a mere ten to fifteen minutes after we ordered, I was once  again a tad bit nervous. I mean really…isn’t food supposed to be cooked!!
Oh yeah, what is with the sea weed? Is that even edible?
I tested the sauces and chose one I thought would work well with something I had no idea how tasted, yes I realize how stupid that sounds! I have NO common sense!
Okay… I am now ready to try my food!
It looks pretty fancy…wonder how I am supposed to eat this stuff!
I glance around for the
silverware…umm…where is my fork?!?
Wait a minute! Chop sticks!! No one said a thing about CHOP STICKS when I agreed to this!!
Oh no! This is just going to be sad!! I am never going to get to eat!!
Now the hilarity ensues! Daniel stole the camera so that he could take PLENTY of pictures to add to my embarrassment! 
I am almost positive that just about everyone in the restaurant came by or stood in a corner to watch me and laugh! Our waiter changed more times than was necessary!
As I look at these pictures…I guess I can’t blame them! They were probably in the back like, “OH MY GOSH! You guys HAVE to see this chick! She is dropping food, using two hands, and ends up just using her fingers!”
Check out that tongue! I am focusing!


LOOK! I totally got one!


He didn’t get the picture where I dropped it! lol


First bite of sushi…EVER! It was pretty good.


Okay…let’s do this again…shouldn’t be too hard…


CRAP! I can’t get it!


Pouty face….maybe two hands will help?


Dang it! Still not working! I’m hungry!!


Ohh! I figured it out! I have to stick my tongue out for it to work!
Now if I can just not drop it!
Daniel had no problems at all eating. Well other than the fact that he had to try not to laugh and try to ignore the snickers we heard coming from all, and I do mean ALL directions!
So…Daniel thought it would be a good idea to tell me to try the other things on my plate. No big deal right…I think he said it was something called ginger root and wasabi?!?
First for the ginger root….OH MY GOD EWWWWW!!!
He could have mentioned BEFORE he watched me put it in my mouth that I wasn’t supposed to eat it by itself!
Ugh! Gross!
So not trying that again!

Okay, I learned my lesson! The wasabi gets put onto the sushi first! Then I eat it!

HOLY CRAP! It’s HOT!! I mean oh my goodness my mouth is on fire! He so should have warned me!


Ahhhh! Water! What you can’t see here is that I downed the entire glass in one sip!!
Over all I greatly enjoyed our meal and will definitely be trying sushi again! It was totally yummy! Just not too sure about all the other stuff they put on my plate!
We even got fortune cookies!
Mine was pretty accurate 🙂
Golden Dragon….
You get 2 thumbs up!

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