Top 10 Laughs

Wow! It’s Saturday already?!?! Wasn’t yesterday Wednesday? Okay, so clearly I lost a lot of time this week! It has sure seemed like a busy one…even though we didn’t do anything!

Linking up with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for my first Saturday full of laughs! Come join in on all the fun!

This week was FULL of laughs for me! I was able to post in detail about a few of them, which just made me laugh even more! I am excited because Daniel and I are going out to eat tonight! This will be the first time in quite a while that we have left the house without the kids..I’m a little nervous! (I will try and write about it later!)Ā 

-Ema asked if she could get one of my tank tops from my dresser to wear around the house. I was feeding Anna so just told her where they were. She comes into the living room a few minutes later wearing, not a tank top, but a “nightie” and to top it off she had on a pair of my pink high heels to go with it! (Luckily it wasn’t one of my “private” nighties, it was just a night gown. It was still a priceless moment!)

-Realizing that Ema is WAY better at Angry Birds that I am šŸ™
-I went out to feed the chickens and check for eggs the other day and it didn’t go quite as planned. We got 3 new chickens, 2 hens and a rooster, earlier in the week. Our old rooster was a very calm little guy and wouldn’t pay me any attention when I went into the pen.

Heck, even Ema would go in and get the eggs. Let’s just say that there is NOTHING calm about Domino! He chases me any time the door opens. The first time he did it I thought I was going to pee on myself! I screamed and ran! All the while, my husband is standing outside of the cage laughing! (I see the humor now, but at the time I was scared and mad.)

-Realizing that Anna sleeps the exact same way that I do!
-Ema deciding that she should wrap a friends birthday gift all by herself:

Look at that tongue stuck out!



-My reaction to the snake yesterday was pretty priceless. Ugh…I had nightmares about that thing last night!

-Ema asking me “Mommy…why do you smell like poop?

-My husband and I being “Bad Parents” and laughing when Anna got put into her Bumbo seat because, being the nerds that we are, we both said at the exact same time “OH MY GOSH! She looks like Java the Hut!” (Hehe, I said it was a bad parent moment didn’t I?)
-Does this one really require words??
The last one happened just this morning. Ema comes and crawls into the bed with us, looks me in the eye with the most serious face and says, “Mommy, I had the most mysterious dream last night! I dreamed I hadĀ Doritos!” Got to love my child’s not so subtle way of asking for junk food!

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