Top Laughs #2

Saturday…oh Saturday…how I love you!

If only my children would sleep in! I would love you even more, but alas that is not in the books for me.

My kids are up by 8 a.m. pretty much every day!

Saturday means that it is time yet again for me to link up with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for my second Saturday full of laughs! Come join in on all the fun!

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Here are a few of the memorable moments of the week:

-My absolute TOP laugh wasn’t even a kid this week! My cat Pumpkin has a fascination with water. Don’t you dare get ahead of me…I know you are already thinking what happened! Slow it down…let me tell it! I got up to feed Annaliese the other morning and I glance out the back window and sitting there on the porch is Pumpkin….drenched from the top of his head to the tip of his tail…he apparently went for a swim! My first thought was to laugh and then I tried to find my camera…unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it 🙁 However, I do have one of him exploring the pool and rain. (So maybe he isn’t the smartest cat ever…but he is mine!)

-Realizing that Emalee is an Evil Mastermind in the making!

-Reading a true news article and realizing that the people in your city (or the city next to you) actually believe there is something called Prestwood Pete living in their lake.

-Sitting down to write a post about why I need to learn to braid and ending up with a survival guide to the apocalypse! (My mind works in mysterious ways!)

 -My hubby trying to feed Annaliese. Let’s just say my kids nickname is Twitchy for a reason! He realized pretty fast that it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be!

Be sure to comment and let me know about your laughable moments this week!

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