EVIL Mastermind in the Making!

So I go to walk out of the house…with every intention of taking the bull by the horns, letting go of my fears, stop being a wussy, and walking outside!

After the snake incident…I have been understandably, or possibly psychotically, scared to go for a walk!

Where was I? Oh yeah…I go to walk out of the house and this is what I find:

Either my hubby or my child, I’m pretty sure it was Emalee, is an EVIL mastermind! They put a fake snake on the porch facing the door so that I almost stepped on it!!

Maybe I screamed…maybe I didn’t…only those within a few miles of me will know for sure because I admit to nothing! Nothing I tell you! You can’t prove it!

Sadly, my hair has faded to an orange color instead of
my pretty bright red! (This will be fixed soon!) I’m not sure
how bad it really looks because my hubby won’t tell me
it looks bad!

Obviously, my wussy self did NOT go for a walk today!

I am totally willing to admit that I let a small toy snake freak me out!

I turned right around and got my car keys! We drove instead :

Emalee chose to take her doggie…Anna is in her
car seat in the back 🙂

Once we get back from our walk drive to the farm, I find that my child is a masochist…no wait that is self inflicting….umm… yeah I’m just going to stick with my original word and say EVIL!

Not only is she guilty of putting the fake snake on the back porch to scare me out of my wits she then moved it to her play room….where it quietly mocked our poor guinea pig Twilight Sparkle 🙁

Checking it out…
I don’t think she likes that thing!
Ignore the cage…it’s cage cleaning day! 🙂
Be sure to comment below and let me know if your kid is as evil as mine!! I so don’t want to be alone here!

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