Home Grown

As many of you know from a few of my prior posts, the hubby and I have been working on a garden this year.

Luckily for us, Emalee has the greenest thumb I have ever seen! This child can literally grow anything!

I know I said this before…but I forgot…it is now on my to do list 

Yes, I have broken down and made a blogging to do list! 

AHH I may be addicted!

Okay…so where was I? Oh yeah, I am going to do a post on Emalee’s apple tree! It is huge! I am so super duper proud of her!

I have totally gone off on a tangent already! Wow…hope you guys are up for a ramble!So anyways, our garden is apparently a little…well the word that comes to mind is:    DRUNK!

Yeah…umm…these are our very first cucumbers of the year…

We totally didn’t put them in anything to make them grow in to pretty little circles…they did that all on their own!


How weird is that?!?

I’m a little curious what is in the water we have been using. I mean seriously, I think they got drunk and lost a few too many brain cells…they now think that they are Limes!

I’m a little scared to eat them. But I sure do love me some cucumbers…so I know that they won’t last long in my fridge!

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