23 Signs of A Blogging Addiction

Hi, my name is Becca….and I’m addicted to Blogging!
Come on, I know I’m not alone!
You can shake your head and pretend that you aren’t…but guess what?!? If you are reading this…you are probably addicted to blogging.
There are two ways to be addicted…I unfortunately am guilty of both!

You probably have no idea where or when it started…or even how it happened. One day you are a perfectly normal, functioning member of society…and then…

You are addicted!
Who knows where these things come from?
Maybe someone recommended that you start, you know, sort of like that drug dealer in college?
Or possibly it’s your own fault? Maybe you were up late one night, doing I so don’t want to know what, and ran across one…sort of like a teenage boy and a naughty magazine under Dad’s bed.
You probably tried to say no. You knew it wasn’t good for you…you probably even had a small inkling of a thought that this was something that you could easily get obsessed with, become an over night addict.
Way #1 that you can be addicted to blogging:
Reading blogs!
Oh my gosh!
I realize this every single day that I log into Bloglovin’!
I can read my new blog posts twice a day and STILL have a ton to read every time it loads!
Signs that you are addicted to Reading Blogs:
  1. You read blogs for more than an hour a day.It can be in spurts…I mean really what mom has a straight hour to sit down alone and read?!? Totally guilty here!
  2. You find yourself quoting random blogs when speaking to others on a day to day basis. I am totally guilty of this! Oh my gosh! I am constantly talking about things that I read…I so need help!!
  3. You often wish to read blog posts aloud to those around you….even though you know they probably don’t care to hear it. Again…GUILTY!
  4. You have ever thought, “Who needs a shower/lunch/a Job/etc.? I would rather just sit here and read!” I have thought it…unfortunately with two kids under 5….I don’t get the option until they are in bed.
  5. You have ever sat down to read A blog…glance up and it’s now 3 A.M and you can’t remember moving in the past 3 to 6 hours. I have done this once or twice…DON’T JUDGE ME!
  6. You would rather read a blog than go to bed and have “intimate time” some nights…okay who am I kidding? Most nights! lol My poor hubby…you guys should really feel sorry for him!
  7. Your bookmarks bar was so full that you had to create folders to organize the blogs you like to visit. (Bloglovin’ for the win! Finally..one I’m not guilty of…well except for the blogs I read that aren’t on bloglovin’…come on guys! BLOGLOVIN’ so I don’t look totally 100% addicted here!
  8. 9 out of 10 conversations you start with someone begin with, “I read a post that…” Sadly…yes, you guessed it…GUILTY!
  9. Your family has ever brought up the word Intervention. So far I’m in the clear on this one!
  10. You haven’t read or even so much as opened an actual book (Kindle or otherwise) in so long that you feel ashamed! 🙁 Guilty!
  11. You can’t go a DAY without at least skimming through the possible blog posts available to you. Although I am guilty of this one, this addition came from Amber over at MythBustingMommy

Way #2 that you can be addicted to blogging:

Being a Blogger!
  1. You often find yourself saying, “As I said in ______ post….” I’m doomed!! Totally guilty…yet again!
  2. You have EVER said, even just once, “I’ll come to bed/eat/shower/etc. as soon as I finish this post. It shouldn’t take long.”
  3. You not only know what your social rank is, you obsess over how to get it even better! So I admit…I had no idea what a social rank was when I started…I was a total newbie! However, I now know and I am close to obsessing!
  4. You post more than twice a day. Okay…so I can’t lie…you guys follow my blog…I totally post A LOT! Please let me know if I post too much…maybe it will help me cure my addiction! I have gotten better…I have cut back my posts and even scheduled a few for later dates! See aren’t you proud?!?
  5. You are now a social media “whore”….I totally only used Facebook and Pinterest before I began blogging. I now have so many social media accounts that I can’t keep up without help! My bookmarks bar is stacked full of links so that I don’t have to remember!
  6. The very, VERY first thing you do when you wake up is check your Page Rank, Visitors, etc. I am sooo NOT guilty of this one! I at least go potty and take care of the kids breakfast first! That is completely different! See!
  7. You know what SEO stands for and how it is best used on your site.  I have been researching this one…still not great with it. I guess the amount of research I have done qualifies me as guilty on this one too!
  8. Publishing at least a post a day is more important than sleeping! I may have stayed up till midnight trying to publish one….most days I don’t have a problem getting in a post a day…heck I’m guilty of the multiple a day!
  9. OOOO I have an idea for a post! So..umm..maybe, just maybe, I have walked into a wall while trying to quickly jot down my post idea in my phone so I wouldn’t forget it. I ADMIT NOTHING! I said maybe :/ Don’t judge!
  10. You know what a Blog Hop is and have participated in them and even thought about starting your own. This one is taking me a bit to figure out. I kind of understand blog hops…but I am no where near hosting one!
  11. You send out emails to random companies hoping that they will let you review a product for free so that you can bring in even more readers. GUILTY! I’m even a member of several bloggers & businesses connect sites such as Tomosons…
  12. If you have ever had more than one tab/window open on your computer monitoring the same thing…PAGE VIEWS! Blogger has one, Google has one…gosh there are several that you can monitor…a friend even showed me that Google has  real-time….REAL TIME viewing page. I can watch as people come and go…see what pages they are on…how long they are there…if they bounced from page to page…okay I’m digging myself deeper and deeper into addiction here aren’t I? Maybe my friend has now turned into my drug dealer! You know who you are!!!


The biggest most official sign that you are addicted to blogging is:
You swear that you aren’t an addict, you laughed at ALL of the things above, you PROMISE yourself that you won’t share this post…you know you shouldn’t…
Because like me, my dear readers…you too are addicted to blogging!

Be sure to comment below and share your signs of a blogging addiction!
I want to say thanks to Laura at Anothercentsaved and Amber at Mythbustingmommy for their input on this topic 🙂
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