10 Signs That Your Kid Has A Bad Case of: Weird

I’m sure I am not the only mom to walk in on something and think, “Oh my gosh, my kid is sooo weird!”

I hope I’m not alone here anyways….

Let’s just say that Emalee has had quite a few moments that lead me to believe she has come down with a bad case of Weird!

Are you curious if your kid may be suffering from this very same disease? If so, please read below to check the top 10 signs that your kid has a bad case of Weird.

The list below is far from all signs of this disease, however, I put together some of the most prominent things to watch for….things I have seen my child do over and over again!

  1. While playing with her imaginary friends, she often gets angry when they won’t do what she wants them to do! Umm… HELLO?!? They are imaginary! You decide what they do and don’t do…how can you get upset when your imaginary friends don’t want to play with you?!? 
  2. While playing on a fake phone, she gets frustrated and mad at her “friends” because they won’t stop calling her. She kept trying to go to the bathroom and said her phone wouldn’t stop ringing…is this a sign I should have her checked?!?This can’t

    be normal!

  3. She pretends to be random animals for extremely long periods of time. Umm…let me explain…she will actually crawl around on all fours making whatever sound that particular animal makes and will not respond with words no matter what you offer. She refuses to use her hands to move things…she will nudge it with her head. I’m pretty sure she has even tried to eat out of a bowl without a spoon, fork, or her hands!
  4. She will randomly put on a performance (dance, song, acting, etc.) for herself. She doesn’t want us to watch…she is putting the show on for herself…she even claps when she bows at the end!
  5. She often talks to Mrs. Golden Sun…and then proceeds to ask HIM if he is okay. Wait….the sun is both he and she?!? It’s a “shim”! 
  6. On a wide variety of occasions, I will call for her to come do something and get the response, “Sorry, Emalee isn’t here right now…” and then silence. When I ask more in depth questions…I find that while Emalee is not here…someone else is. I’m pretty sure she has at least 5 different personalities! Isn’t that a disease?!?
  7. She likes to give a play by play while in the potty. I have heard so many things come from the bathroom when she is in it…”My poo-poo is a little shy right now…it will come out later!” “My poo is a little sleepy and slow today, I’ll be a few minutes.” “Mommy…my poo ran out like soup…come see!”
  8. She puts on a leotard, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat and puts on a show. Can you say stripper in the making?!? She has even been known to call herself Twilight Sparkle!!
  9. Anytime she sits still for more than 3 minutes she starts to vibrate! I mean like seriously vibrate! She starts bouncing and I’m a little scared she is going to explode if she doesn’t get up and do something.
  10. On several occasions, not just as an infant or a toddler but even now as a 4 year old (more as a toddler than now at least!), I have caught her licking things! She licked the windows at Huddle House..EWWWWW!! She licked the glass part of the screen door! She licks the shower walls, she has licked the cat, and she has even licked a few of her books! I’m thinking she may have an oral obsession!
Let me just say that my kid isn’t stupid! She is extremely smart, actually. She was even turned away from our local public school’s 4k because she did too well on their entry test! This upsets me greatly…if she has to fail a test to get into 4k, why can’t she pass one and skip ahead to 5k?? UGH! Oh well…private school it is!
She has a lot of what I call “book smarts” but, like me, she doesn’t have one single ounce of common sense! Poor thing!
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