Hym & Hur Book Review

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I was given the opportunity to do a review of Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey, an e-book currently available on Amazon and Smashwords.

This is a very short story at only 21 pages. Admittedly, I am not generally a fan of short stories simply because they have a tendency to feel rushed and the characters aren’t very well developed.

However, in this book the main characters Hym and Hur are defined very early on.

I am going to try and give a very brief synopsis (somewhat hard to do on a short story in my opinion) of the book.

Hym and Hur are immortal beings that like to play “pranks”. Some of their pranks are a bit strange and pretty out there but lead to some pretty interesting situations. When they decide to make a deal with Death for their next prank things become very hectic and have dire consequences for all involved.

Okay, there you have it! A really short synopsis…I’m pretty sure I didn’t give anything away! I so hate it when reviewers give spoilers in the synopsis!
Now for my review:
Before I get started I feel like I need to make one thing very clear, I am an avid reader. I have been known to sit down and read 1000 page books in a day. I love series books where I get to know and love the characters. I like to feel like I have a deep connection with and understanding of the characters. With this being said, my view on a short story is a bit tough. I don’t want to judge it or compare it to the long books that I generally read because it simply isn’t in the same category. Therefor, I am going to do my very best to give a fair and unbiased review of this book.
My very first reaction when reading this book was, “Oh my gosh…I so don’t like the names!” For some reason, this could be the teacher in me, reading things like “Hym said to Hur” just came across as grammatically incorrect and caused me a few issues. I realize that the names are meant to be fun, I just didn’t get it though. I suppose this is just not my type of name. There have been several books I have read that the names didn’t sit well with me…if I like the story line I just make up a nick name and read that instead!
However, given time (like 3 pages) I was able to over look my dislike of the names and start paying attention to the story.
The story line moves very fast so I’m glad I was able to pay attention when I did. I so would have been lost if I hadn’t!
I felt like there were a few little bumps in the road with the dialog, but overall it was very well written. The story flows smoothly and is very whimsical for such a grim topic.
I love the take on Death. When he breaks out in song just had me giggling like crazy!
The humans involved in this story, while a bit dramatic at times, were well rounded characters. It was interesting to get to know them so quickly and some how I still found myself getting attached. The only problem I have with the characters part of this book is that, because I got attached, I wanted so much more. Again, I am used to reading lengthy novels. I felt like a lot of things were skimmed over that I would love to know more about.
Even though this book has it’s grim moments, it seems to be essentially a love story. I enjoyed how we got to witness the ups and downs of the relationships and how in the end love can conquer all.
The story line in this book is very unique and grabbed my attention rather quickly. I was really getting into it and curious what would happen next. I had so many ideas in my head of what mischief Hym would cause, would Archie figure out what was happening, what would happen to Archie and Sara’s relationship…however the story just ends.
Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is a short story and that they are meant to move quickly. Although I am not used to that pace in a book, I overlooked it and began to enjoy myself. Just when I was truly ready for some “good stuff”…
I looked up and realized I was on page 21! I was so upset! I wanted to know more! You so can’t just end it! Yes, he wrapped it up and you kind of know what happens with each of the characters…just not enough for my liking.
Okay so maybe I am being a little tough on the book when it comes to the ending. I was just so dang attached to the characters already that I wanted so much more!
So…I know what you’re wondering…would I recommend this book?
Well, if you like short quirky stories this is PERFECT for you! If you are used to long drawn out stories then it may be a bit more difficult to get used to.
However, it is only a 99 cent book on Amazon! Who doesn’t have 99 cents?
It is totally worth 99 cents and I say if you like quirky sci-fi/fantasy style books then give it a go! 
Let me know what you think is this a book you would read? Do you like short stories? What is your favorite type of book?
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