Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We have a winner!!

Or well…we have two winners! haha Yes, my two winners from last week took a page out of my book and decided that two people won the Caption This contest! This means that I now have 3 blogs being features in my sidebar! (I’m leaving Growing Up Madison up for another week because she had a lot of down time due to my move.)

Caption This #2Our winners are:

Melanie from MommyMentionables


Courtney from A Few Days in the Life of Courtsie Ann B!

Congratulations girls! Be sure to send me your button and the link you want it to go to and I will get you up on my Featured Blogs section!

Be sure to participate next week to get a FREE featured ad space on our blog!!

The real story behind the picture:

Daddy was at work…Emalee and Beam decided that they missed him and wanted to wait on him to get home. Clearly, the best spot to do this an know the INSTANT he pulls up is by sitting on the top of the couch cuddled up and watching out the window. They stayed this way for around 30 minutes and both got very excited when he finally got home from work!

Ema and Beam

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