Silly Bunny You Confused My Kid!

Okay guys! This is my Mischievous Monday post 🙂

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Now for my Mischievous Moment of the week!

silly fish

First off…let me explain something…you guys are going to think I’m crazy…I mean really that there is a picture of a fish…why is this post named “Silly Bunny?”

Well, my dear sweet readers…my child…my lovely brilliant Emalee, chose to name her Beta fish…Bunny.

Don’t ask me…I don’t know why! lol The only explanation I have is that she is totally 100% my child! Weirdness and all!

Now to my story.

As I’m putting Emalee to bed the other day, I glance up and see a sad, sad sight. Yep you guessed it! Bunny was floating on the bottom of the tank! OH NOOO! Emalee totally loved that fish! How dare it die!

She sees me looking and notices the state that Bunny is in. She immediately starts crying and I have to have the talk with her. We decide that we will go the next day to get her a new fish and a new tank (This tank has now killed off 5 fish in a little over a month!)

I tell the hubby that he needs to go in and get the fish tank out so Emalee will stop staring at the poor dead fish. Once he finishes what he is working on he goes into her room (she has FINALLY calmed down and fallen asleep) and then promptly comes out laughing.

ema and bunny

Oh my gosh! How evil is my husband!?! He is laughing at my kids dead fish! WTH?

Low and behold…that dang fish is up and swimming like nothing ever happened! I have come to the conclusion that one of three things have happened:Then I notice that he didn’t even get the dang fish tank! I’m starting to get upset when he tells me to come take a look.

  1. Bunny has learned to Play Dead and enjoys doing it often.
  2. Bunny has a BAD case of which case I feel that I should totally notify the Guinness World Record people.
  3. Bunny has died and come back as a ZOMBIE! In which case I should run and laugh that the zombie apocalypse has officially started in my house with a beta fish of all things!

Needless to say…I have one happy and confused daughter on my hands!!

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