MMMMM….It feels soooo GOOD!

Yes…I did mean for that to come across rather raunchy…sorry!

I know I was being completely silly and WRONG a few minutes ago. During a conversation with one of my favorite bloggers, Dawn from Delectably Dawn, I kind of sort of maybe used a (what I thought was) new word!!

Ready for some back story?!?Here is our little conversation from earlier… Capture

 Whatever you do…DO NOT ask what this conversation stemmed from! You probably don’t want to know! Just know that it was two chick having an AWESOMELY normal conversation that quickly took a turn for the inappropriate…because of me! By the way Dawn…BLOGGET WORD?? Love it!

Anyways…where was I?

Oh yeah!! Inappropriate moaning during blogging! Haha…okay maybe I jumped ahead of myself!!

So I decided I would use the awesomeness that is Google and see if I really was as genius as I thought I was…

Yeah…ummm…someone else has used the word before me =( MAJOR sad face moment!


But wait!! They didn’t mean it how I did!! I’m still a GENIUS! Awesome!

I found two definitions of a Blogasm on Google:

1. “That feeling you get when you check your blog stats and you see WAY more visitors than expected” I totally get this one…but not really a blogasm to me..more of a Blogcitement..or maybe a blogservation.

2. “Orgasming to an erotic blog.” Umm….I have no comments here! Totally not what I meant!!

My definition of a Blogasm is more:

That special moment when something awesomely unexpected brings you such joy that you may need to change clothes.

You know the kind of moment I’m talking about right?

That moment you Tweet another blogger that has thousands of followers, likes, and more comments than you can ever dream of…AND THEY FAVORITE YOUR TWEET AND RESPOND!!

Yeah…you just felt a slight tingle at the thought didn’t  you?? THAT is a blogasm!

Or…that moment when you are reading one of your favorite blogs and they link back to you or mention one of your posts!! OH MY GOSH!! THAT MY DEAR READERS…THAT IS A BLOGASM!

That moment that you realize you are getting mentioned by, followed by, liked by, commented back to, or EVEN BETTER comments on your blog by these huge bloggers! It is a feeling that is almost indescribable!

I say almost because now … you lucky lucky people have a word for it! IT IS A BLOGASM!!

There is even a build up to the blogasm if you think about it. Take yourself back to the last time you commented on your favorite blog or maybe it was a Facebook message or a Tweet…heck maybe even Google +! Think about the anxious anticipation you felt after you clicked send!

Will they answer you? If they do…will it be the kind of response you want? Will you be caressed, stroked, or spanked (hey some people like that!) or will it be a cold shoulder roll over and go back to sleep kind of night?!?

If they give you the kind of response you want…you get this instant intense emotional overwhelming relief or release!! It’s that moment of:

MMMM….that feels goood!!!!

Should I, or better yet the bloggers that are able to do this, be embarrassed by the fact that they can give me that AHHH YES moment?  I honestly don’t think that we should!

From this day forth I believe that ALL links within my site will now be referred to as blogasms!

So now…to part TWO of Mine and Dawn’s conversation….

The Blogasm Chain!

I want to start a blogasm chain….

The Blogasm chain will start RIGHT NOW! From then on each person given a Blogasm Chain Badge (at the end of the post) will be given the GREAT honor of giving a fellow blogger a blogasm!

All you have to do to accept the award is put the badge up somewhere on your blog and then pass it along to someone you care about! In order to pass along the blogasm, you must give them one in some way! This means mentioning/linking in a post, tweeting about them, sharing a Facebook status, etc.

If you would like the full code for the badge just let me know 🙂

I mean come on what blogger doesn’t need a good blogasm?

Southern Mess Moms

So, without further adieu…Dawn from Delectably Dawn...

I’m giving you a blogasm …even though I’m a small blog…so I guess it’s just a itty bitty tingle instead of an all out blogasm…I hope that you pass this badge along with honor and pride! =)

So tell me…Have you ever had a blogasm? Describe every intimate detail in the comments!

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