8 Month Old’s Guide to Mommy’s Insanity

Hi guys!

Guess who it is???

If you are thinking it’s Becca…well THINK AGAIN!

It’s Annaliese!! Hehe Yep…that’s right! I got Mommy’s blog all to myself today!


My big sister Emalee taught me and now I want to take a few minutes to let you know exactly what to do as an 8 Month old that will help Mommy’s Insanity come on a little bit quicker! Continue reading “8 Month Old’s Guide to Mommy’s Insanity”

Spam is EVIL!

For those of you that are new here, this is a time where we all share moments from the week that made us shake our heads, laugh, scream or maybe even want to cry. I may have been something devious that your little one did, or animals…or even your wonderful significant other!

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Okay..so I have decided that SPAM IS EVIL!! 

Wanna know why?

It’s simple really!

I get about 300 spam comments on my blog A DAY! and that’s on a slow day!!

Today while I was sitting around taking my daily time out to delete Spam, the Hubby walks over to see what I’m up to.

He sits and watches me spend twenty minutes selecting and deleting the MASSIVE amounts of spam and then…

He calmly smiles and says in his sweetest “your an idiot” voice:

“Hun…you do know that there is a Empty Spam button right there right?Capture

So there you have it! Mischievous Monday is back with a bang and the Hubby is at fault! Hehe

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Shame On Me!

I have been in hiding!

I got a message from a friend today that honestly made me cry…I know she didn’t mean to upset me…but well it did.



Honestly..my first thought after reading this was


Then I read it again…and again…and again…and again…

as tears filled my eyes I realized something…

It may be HARSH but it’s TRUE 🙁

Where did the fun go?!?!?!?!

I could come up with a million and one reasons why my blog doesn’t read the way that it did a few months ago…

Ran out of ideas? Kind of…

Kids stopped being super funny? Not really…

Got super busy? Well…yeah…but not so busy that I couldn’t blog…

Lazy? Not really…I’m still blogging…

If I want to be honest with you guys…which I totally do…I changed how I blogged because people were being mean and I let it get to me.

People were joking about my parenting skills (because I always put the sillier side of things on the blog), people were mocking me….people were leaving rude comments (that I simply chose not to publish)…the list goes on and on.

The one that hit home the most was: Your kids are going to hate you for posting things like this about you.

Ouch! That one was the one that made me stop….that one hit home hard! Will my kids be upset about me writing about them? I honestly didn’t think so when I started. I’m not posting things that I would mind my mom posting about me…ugh…I have worried about this for a while now…what do you guys think??

I stopped being myself and joking around on the blog because people were … well…they were people.

SHAME ON ME for letting what other people think, do and say change how I blog.

I am going to do my very best to start blogging like I used to. Just sit down with something silly in mind and let it out. Whatever happens happens.

But first, I want to tell you guys that I am sorry. I want to apologize for not being the blogger you guys came to expect. It will take me some time to get up the nerve to post as often and as much as I used to.

However, I am going to start by doing Mischievous Monday tomorrow!

Anyone want to join me?

Please let me know…have you guys ever done what I did? Have you blocked your “silly writer” or stopped being yourself because of a few bullies out there?