8 Month Old’s Guide to Mommy’s Insanity

8 Month Old's Guide

Hi guys!

Guess who it is???

If you are thinking it’s Becca…well THINK AGAIN!

It’s Annaliese!! Hehe Yep…that’s right! I got Mommy’s blog all to myself today!


My big sister Emalee taught me and now I want to take a few minutes to let you know exactly what to do as an 8 Month old that will help Mommy’s Insanity come on a little bit quicker!

8 month old's developmentFirst, let’s look at some changes that may have you raising your eyebrow in curiosity:

-At this point you are most likely able to roll over…this means mom can’t just lay you on the bed or couch and expect everything to be okay! Hehe…you may want to make sure that there is enough “ground” left around you when you start rolling!

-You MAY be able to scootch around…or even all out CRAWL! Not sure what it means to “scootch”? Hehe well let me show you! This is one of the BIGGEST steps to mommy’s insanity! She can’t put you down somewhere and expect you to stick around! Ha! Now you go where you want, when you want!

Cords, picture frames, random leaf, decorations….you name it…HERE WE COME!!

-Most likely by now you have at least one tooth…let me just tell you that this crap hurts! Oh my gosh! Luckily, mom can give me some tylenol to help with the pain. Just make sure that she knows that Orajel isn’t the best option…my doctor keeps telling mommy that Orajel can harden my gums and make it even harder for the teeth to break through! I so don’t want that!!

-You may notice that your crib seems to be bigger than it was before! That’s because mom has decided it is now time to lower the mattress down a bit. Curious why? Well…have you noticed that you can sit yourself up? If so, the next step to mommy’s insanity isn’t too far away!

-It’s time to pull up on things!! That’s right my fellow babies! You can now start to grab onto ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and pull yourself up! Just remember that you aren’t that balanced and will probably fall over a few times.

-Want to really push mom over the edge??? This one is the true kicker…you know those noises you can make with your mouth? Well…they are going to start sounding like words! If you want to get mommy really good…just say DaDa over and over and over….NEVER under any circumstances say MaMa!

Well…there you have it…the basics of what changes you will find. Now, what do you do with all of these new skills?

-First and foremost, always do the opposite of what mom says! Don’t worry…you are still too small for any true punishment! Just give her that puppy dog face and let loose a nice cry, don’t forget the wobbling lip! No matter what you did…mom will most likely comfort you when you bawl your eyes out! Crocodile tears for the win!

-Next, you remember that scooting, crawling, rolling thing I told you about? Yeah, use it! When mom sits you down on the nice safe rug, surrounded by awesome toys, and then walks to the potty (which is only 5 feet away) make a run for the nearest open door! Don’t worry about where it goes…just go! Better yet…you can even go ahead and start letting mom understand that she will NEVER pee alone again!

-While mastering this thing called movement, be sure to show off your UNCANNY ability to spot any and all teeny, tiny object on the floor and IMMEDIATELY put it in your mouth!

-Want to see how fast mom can run? Test out that new pulling up technique and then let go…mom is terrified of you getting your first bangs and scrapes….even though they are bound to happen with you being mobile and all.

-You see all of those neatly organized bins and boxes all around the house? Even if they don’t have toys in them…I PROMISE they are meant for you to dump out! Trust me! Would I steer you wrong?!? Besides remember what I said earlier…mom can’t really get mad at you, you’re just too cute!

Although you will soon gain a GREAT understanding of the word “no” just ignore it and continue with your little chaos inducing trouble maker ways!

Well, I know this is a lot to take in so I will stop here! Just remember, causing Mommy’s Insanity isn’t an easy job…but it is one that was bestowed upon you at birth! Don’t shirk your duties!

Keep at it and you will slowly master all the skills needed to make sure that mom is well and truly insane by the time you reach the fun teen years!

No worries, Ema and I will be back to share more fun “insights” with you over the coming months!

Now get out there and show mommy who is REALLY boss!

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