Day 9…Manic Panic & Pot Dancing

Soo…ummm this happened today…


Yep..the little weirdo adorable child decided to go into the kitchen…

get a rather large pot…

and then carry it around the house to use as her very own chair…

But it gets better! 

So after my fun day of Annaliese in a pot…I decided it was time to try out a new hair dye that I have been jonesing for!
Manic Panic!
It’s this really cool vegan hair stain/dye. You can put in funky colors on dark hair without having to bleach it out and it doesn’t end up all chalky like the other stuff I’ve been using.
Another nice thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t smell, the container will last me a LONG time and only cost $10 and it should last a week or so before I need to redo it (We will see for sure soon!)
Soo…I gave myself purple highlights tonight! I didn’t do much…just in case it did fry my hair or something else crazy…but nothing bad happened.



The color is a bit deeper than I was hoping for so I will probably add in a bit of pink or something tomorrow to counter it…we shall see!

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