Day 10…Too Old

Hi guys! Hope everyone has had an awesomely relaxing weekend!

This is going to be a pretty short post…seeing as I’m doing it from my phone…

in the bathroom…

of the bar that I’m working at for the night!

Why on earth is a SAHM working at a bar for a night?

Well….for a breast cancer benefit of course!


Don’t I look awesome? I must…because if my ass gets grabbed one more time I swear I’m going to slap someone! I haven’t been openly groped this much in years! Although, it is a little bit of a confidence booster haha

I even had one person that I haven’t seen in a few years comment on how great I look and the weight I’ve lost…I’ll just ignore the part of his ‘compliment’ that mentioned that I looked smaller in all aspects!Yep…he said it looked like I shrank!! I am still

Yep…he said it looked like I shrank!! I am still 4’10 5’0 damn it!

Lol Want to know what I’ve learned over the last 4 hours of working as a Hooter Shooter girl at a two-story bar??

I am way, way, waaaayyy too old for this shit!

My body is aching and I’m ready to pass out….and I’m still sober!

What happened to the days where I could go out and party all night long and not have a care in the world?!?

At what point did I go from dancing the night away to in bed by 9??


Anyways, I’m having an absolute blast being out here tonight and the place is packed for an awesome cause!

So tell me…help me feel better about all of this…

What changes have you noticed as your age goes up?

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