Learning to RUN!

OH MY GOD I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING TO PASS OUT OR BE SICK!! Yeah you remember that whole post I did about working out and how I was easing into it? Yeah well…let’s just say that my husband and I went on a run tonight and it was far from easing into it! We ran/power walked 3.6 miles around Kalmia Gardens….I thought I was going to scream and cry and throw up! Some points I couldn’t stop laughing…I honestly wish I would have taken a voice recorder so that you could listen to the hour long run…it was priceless to say the least! I am super proud of me for what I was able to accomplish and hope to do it at least 3 times a week as long as we can find a baby sitter….

I loved how my husband went into “trainer” mode! He kept saying okay lets see if we can run to the next “whatever” and when we would reach it he would point out something a little further up and say lets keep going to that! I didn’t know I could do as much as I was able to do and I greatly appreciate the challenge…although I’m not sure I am going to be able to move tomorrow…heck I can barely move now! I honestly think the hardest part was the stairs straight up at the end. Well I say the end…it’s what I thought was the end and then we decided to push it a little further!

I will say that during this walk I came up with all kinds of ideas for neat running phone apps. I’m curious to see if my hubby will actually work on some of them since he actually knows how to make them. One of them was to hook my phone up to my arm while I’m training to run and having the camera video what is beside me as I run and it recording my voice as I go as well. What better motivation than a chick that is WAY out of shape breathing hard and laughing as she tries to push herself. You would also be able to hear my hubby egging me on to push harder and go further! I think it would be a neat app…almost better than the true professional ones because you are running with someone who is as out of shape (maybe even worse) than you are. And hey…if you can make it further than I did then you can be super proud! It would probably be more of a joke app than a true running trainer…but if I recorded myself regularly every time I run until I am able to do it easily and used each one to make the app then it would ease you into it too. Hey who knows! It could happen…or it could end up just a hilarious youtube video that I will regret hahahaha

I feel like we need to make an app that is a mixture of Runtastic and Skype! Make it so that people can run in groups without being in the same area…we would be able to talk and motivate while tracking our run 🙂 Could be kind of cool!

At the, real end, of our run I felt like I had sweat so much and finally stopped sweating, but it only stopped because my body ran out of water and decided to start sucking it back in! I think my body was screaming at me!

Okay I am going to stop rambling now and go take a much needed warm bubble bath! Hope I can still move tomorrow!

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