Ever wonder what a good way to motivate yourself to run is? Well, other than having great people around you to keep you motivated to keep going? I happened upon a wonderful motivator during last nights run with my husband! Go to a place like Kalmia Gardens¬†around, oh say, 7:30pm or 8:00pm. Power walk down a few paths until you get deep enough in that the little bit of sun that is left struggles to get through the trees…sooner or later something out there will crunch a leaf or stick and guess what?!? YOU WILL BE RUNNING out of there in no time!

Hahaha let’s just say during last nights run/power walk the sun started going down during our walk and I decided to tell my hubby that it was wrong to walk in a place like that at a time like that…it brought back too many Jason horror movie moments….he decided it would be funny to start making the “chchch ahahah” (no idea how to type that Jason noise…but you know it) and after that EVERY little noise kind of freaked me out! I know how silly this makes me sound…but hey a motivator is a motivator right?

How about you guys? Anyone have some slightly funny but effective motivators for exercise?

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