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There I said it!

I have admitted my weakness! I absolutely hate it…I feel like I work hard and when I am done you can barely tell I did a thing! The problem with an old fashion broom and dust pan in my house is that with animals and kids..well let’s just say that I am just moving the dirt and dust and hair from place to place. Ugh! Mopping with a sink/bucket of water and what basically amounts to a dirty sponge?!? No OCD barely lets me put my hands in dirty dish water lol

My solution has always been to use Swiffer Sweeper Vacuum and Swiffer Wet Jet. However, anyone that has ever used a Swiffer Sweeper knows it has one BIG downfall…the batter lasts about 5 minutes, which is not even close to long enough to clean even one room in my house. Then I have to plug it back up and sit around for another hour or so while it charges!! The Wet Jet works pretty good but has always seemed extremely wasteful to me. Between using the sweeper and the wet jet I would go through five or six dry pads, 3 wet pads, and a bottle of cleaner every week or so. It was crazy! I finally decided that I had had enough and started looking around for options.

We have laminate floors in most of our house which means we have to be careful of those mop/vacuums that leave a lot of water on the floor. While the Hoover Floor Mate looks amazing it is expensive and I was a little scared to use it on my floors. I decided that I would have to find a vacuum and just stick with the wet jet until I was wandering around Big Lots and happened upon the perfect solution!

For my dry vacuuming I got a Bissell FeatherWeight Vacuum. So far this vacuum is doing wonderful! It is light weight and easy to use, it is versatile (it can be used as a hand held vacuum as well), it is easy to clean, and with the way the head is made I can get into most corners and around furniture legs with ease. I have found that the suction power is the same if not better than a brand new fully charged Swiffer, however, this one is not cordless. (They did have a few cordless options)

For the mop I got a Homepro Minute Mop. This is exactly what I have been hoping for ever since I bought my very first Swiffer!! It works exactly the same as a Swiffer, the only difference, and this is a biggie, is that it has a refillable container for the cleaning spray and the pads are washable and reusable!! It wasn’t even very expensive!! I spent $18…$15 for the mop and $3 for a second mop pad.

I am super excited about my purchases and hope that other people make the choice to stop using Swiffer products! I know that I cannot be the only person who is bothered by the amount of waste required while using them! Please let me know if you find other products that are good alternatives to the Swiffer products!!

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