Introduction to the book tab

Wow, to think that I have sooooo many books that I love and want to share with you guys!! When I originally thought about doing a post on the books I love to read and why I love to read them I never thought it would end up being this difficult to do it! My Kindle is stuffed full of wonderful books that I can’t wait to reread or read the next book in the series! I plan on this post being an introduction to the book tab.

Each Book post will include the following:
     Title of the book or series (as the title of the post)
     Author’s name and a link to their website
     Description of the story line
     Main Characters and brief description
     My opinion of the book/a brief review
     Star rating (1 to 5)
I am going to do my best to slowly have a post for each and every book that I have read and loved or hated and all of those in between. I will try to start this tomorrow….but we shall see that all depends on how well my kids behave! If not I will start on it this weekend for sure!! Hope you guys enjoy it! Oh and if you have a book series that you are curious about and would like for me to review please comment on here and let me know! I will gladly read the book if I haven’t already and give my honest opinion of it 🙂

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