This post will grow with time as I find more and ore humorous things that happen in my day to day life. PLEASE comment with things that you and your kids have said that fit! I would love to see that I am not alone in this crazy thing called Parenthood!

Things I never thought I would have to say:
1. Please don’t poke your sister with a stick!
2. Please stop licking the tree! (to a student)
3. Oh my god…Daniel she’s licking the cat!! (At this point I stop sterilizing her things…she was about 6 months old)

Crazy things my kid says:
I’m having trouble remembering a ton of these but as they come to me I will add them!
1. Mom, having to clean the tables embarrasses me.
2.(while running through the house she yells) HOLD IT, HOLD IT, GOTTA HOLD IT! (she apparently had to potty very badly!)
3. Mommy…I may be here for a little bit. My poopoo is a little shy right now it will come out later!
4. Mommy…come look! My poopoo isn’t normal…it looks like soup! (decent way to describe diarrhea lol)
5. Look mom! I can eat peas like a vacuum cleaner!! (as she sucks them off the table lol)

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