Not a bad mom!

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel like you are doing EVERYTHING wrong!!! Well, that has been my day today! I did what I usually do, got my chores completed early on, even did part of my daily workout first thing this morning! For some reason it doesn’t seem to matter how much I do or get done…I can’t help the feeling that I am not doing it right!
Result of my “bad mom” day! I may not have cleaned a lot but we made some great memories!
I know exactly where this feeling originates! It happens to all of us from time to time! We see a post on Facebook or a news article or a TV show or heck who knows… this one little thing leads us to start questioning everything that we do. We wonder if we keep our house clean enough, do I change the baby often enough, do I feed my kids the right things at the right times, should I really let her watch TV today….OH MY GOSH DOES THE LIST OF THINGS WE START TO QUESTION EVER END?!?!?
Guess what?!? We are not bad moms!! So what if you decided it was easier to let your kid watch TV all day so that you could mop the floors? Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think that your kids are still in their pajamas and it’s almost bed time again! Just because someone on Pinterest says that their child never watches TV, they are always doing some masterful hands on project or reciting their ABC’s or oh who knows! You know what I think?
I think those parents who claim to ALWAYS be perfect are quite simply FULL OF IT!
I have been in a great mood today! I have been singing and cleaning and laughing while my four year old tries to sing with me! She even chose to clean her playroom by herself! Is it spotless? Ummm…probably not but that’s okay! So why do I feel like my day wasn’t good enough? Why do I feel like I was a “bad mom” because my child didn’t spend the day the way that other people think she should have?
Why is it that I feel like I am alone in having moments where I don’t know whether I want to laugh, cry, or scream more? Parenthood is not easy!! Whoever said it was was not being an honest person…or maybe they just didn’t spend much time actually parenting their kids! I should not have to feel like a bad mom simply because there are times when the kids are yelling or crying and I just feel like I can’t take it anymore! When one is sick (my 3 month old is teething, has an upset tummy, and has been screaming non-stop since last night) and the other is running around with more energy than I know what to do with what am I supposed to do? What person is going to just smile and say “Oh, I totally got this! Who needs a break?” haha yeah right! That person is not being honest with themselves!
Daniel and I thought we weren’t going to be able to have kids for a while. The doctors had warned me that it wouldn’t be easy and that if I ever did conceive it would be dangerous for me. When we finally had our first daughter I thought my world was complete…little did I know that adding one more would make things even better. My house is LOUD, CHAOTIC, AND YET SOMEHOW PERFECT!
I have a list of things I am going to try to remember from here on:
-It is okay if you break down from time to time and have to send YOURSELF to time out for a break!
-If you lose it for a moment and yell at your kids…it will be okay…you HAVE NOT scarred them for life! Take a breath, calm down, apologize, explain why you yelled and work through the problem.
-Sometimes you will not know how to handle a situation…you may not know the perfect solution for every crazy little thing that your kid decides to try…it will be okay! Take a deep breath!
-It is okay if you would really like to find a babysitter…even if it is just for an hour! ( I know that once my kids are out of the house I always want them back as soon as possible…chaos and all!)
-It is perfectly normal for you to have days where you want to scream as loud as you can…it is even okay if you go outside or put your face in a pillow and let it out. You will probably feel much better if you do!
-Just because some people claim to be perfect does not mean that they are! Remember that anyone can say that they do things…that doesn’t make it true!
-It is okay to want a glass of wine, or two, (or whatever you prefer) once the kids are in bed…we all need to relax some how!
-BIGGIE: It is perfectly fine, normal, acceptable, and expected for you to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! We all need hobbies and things that make us who we are. Why not be a good role model for your kids and show them how to make sure that they take time to enjoy life!
Remember that we are not perfect…we shouldn’t even try to be! We are REAL LIFE PARENTS! We are going to make mistakes, we are going to yell, have misunderstandings, leave a mess for later, and maybe…just maybe we will realize that it’s okay!
Chores can wait…especially if you spent the time playing with your kids and being silly instead! I know that when I look around the house I worry and get upset at the things I “should” have done today. However, when I think about the memories Ema and I made today while dancing around the house and rolling on the floor like a bunch of sillies I know that I made the right decision for me. I want my kids to grow up knowing that life isn’t all work…it’s okay to have fun and let loose!
My thoughts for the day are:

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