Who Says We Have To Be Grown-Ups?

Well…..after a busy, busy day where I accomplished next to nothing…..I felt rather down in the dumps when I sat down to do this post. I had some ideas for what I could talk about tonight…..but I just didn’t feel in the “right mood” for those types of topics anymore.

I tried and tried to work on my blog today. I got a little bit done…..but not nearly what I had planned to accomplish. The girls were all over me today and just weren’t willing to give me a break. My hubby tried to help out…..but they insisted on Mommy doing just about everything! I got some of my research done and a few new posts…even started a entire new section for Adventures in Cooking.

Yet I still feel like I didn’t do enough today. My house is a mess…well a mess in my eyes…it’s really just lived in and didn’t get swept up today. I got my massive work outs done though! I am currently doing an Ab Challenge and a Squat Challenge as well as working towards completing the Couch to 5K program 🙂 If anyone is interested in me sharing these things I will do that tomorrow.

So…..as I sat down at the computer to do today’s Mommy’s Timeout my hubby and I started joking around about doing things that are hilarious but verge on creepy.

Here is the list of things we came up with:

YOU PROBABLY SHOULD NOT DO THESE THINGS! You may end up in jail or worse…a padded room!

-Go to a gym full of people. Dress in a white polo, nice shorts, and nice tennis shoes. Stand in the corner with several bottles of water and a few towels and a huge goofy smile on your face and pretend to be a towel boy. Note: You may be asked to leave rather quickly lol especially if you place yourself in a corner near treadmills or something!

-Go to a big franchise store (such as Walmart), walk into the restroom with a plastic tip jar. Proceed to press the button on the hand dryer, wave your hand under the automatic sinks/paper towel dispensers, knock on stall doors and offer to “pass them some paper”. Be sure to greet everyone as if you have done this all of your life and are thrilled with your position. When they fail to tip you give them the stink eye.

-Go Trick-or-Treating whenever you feel like it. Change costumes regularly and make sure to trick if they don’t have candy to give!

-Bring a rope, cowboy hat, and boots to a park. Loudly yell “YeeHaw” and try to laso any and everything you see; ducks, squirrels, other people (if your really brave).

-Dress like you live in the 80’s blast early rap and dance in a random place…such as the Walmart Electronics section.

-Play “Bouncer” at Walmart. Bring your own velvet rope and clip board to place in front of the door to allow certain people entrance.

-Do a few laps in the next revolving door you see. Scream that you are stuck and can’t get out and as the opening passes that it is going to fast and you can’t stop.

-Go to a large franchise or restaurant that has live lobsters. Run around and yell loudly “free the lobsters”

-Climb into random window displays and pose. If someone stops and stares move quickly and scare them.

-Go into a fitting room. Wait a few minutes then yell loudly “Can someone pass me the toilet paper…this one is out!”

-Hide in clothing racks and as people walk by say in a strange excited or sad voice “Pick me!”

-Take boxes of condoms and randomly drop them in peoples buggies when they aren’t looking.

-Set all alarm clocks in a store to go off in 5 minute intervals.

I’m sure there are many, many crazy, creepy, hilarious things we could add to this list! Please comment with yours below!!

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