Not My Cat!

So we all know that when it comes to having a new born in the house you shouldn’t expect a lot of sleep. I knew this ahead of time and yet still was amazed at how little sleep I was getting! After a straight week of about 2 hours a night I was pretty out of it. My husband tried to help but then I just felt bad because he had to go to work the next day while I didn’t.

So here I was on yet another sleepless night up to feed the baby again. I honestly couldn’t tell you what time of the night it was, all I know is it was still dark out and everyone had been asleep for a while!

I’m in the kitchen fixing a bottle when I hear a cat meowing at my feet. I realize that most people’s cats may not eat table scraps but ours have always loved it. (We have a cat food auto feeder on the back porch and a doggie door so that all of our animals can come in and out as they please.)

Seeing as the cat is at my feet in the kitchen I assume he is hungry and decide to just take one of the pots left over from dinner off of the stove and place it on the floor for the cat to eat.

Go ahead and judge me if you’d like! Yes there were dishes on the stove with food still in them! I was exhausted! They hadn’t been sitting long and would be cleaned the next day. I just didn’t have the energy after dinner to do it and therefor when the cat was hungry it was there.

Okay so where was I? Oh yeah, I sat the pot down and the cat started eating. I turn back around and finish making the bottle. I am walking out of the kitchen when a thought hits me…

I only have two cats. One is all white and one is orange…I passed both of them laying in the living room as I came in here.

The cat in the kitchen is black! I turn around and see that it is not my cat!

I just fed a cat that isn’t mine! What in the world!! How did it figure out where to come? Our doggie door is up on a covered back porch.

I go get my husband who laughs at me and takes the cat and the left over macaroni and cheese outside and then goes back to sleep.

Do you know how sleep deprived you have to be to not notice that you are feeding an animal that isn’t yours? Yeah I think I needed a nap!

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