Captcha is EVIL!

Okay…so this post may piss tick off a few people.

Please excuse the language in this post. Most of mine don’t include “dirty words” but this one sure does!

I know A LOT of bloggers and websites use captcha and I totally, 100% understand why! You don’t want spammers to comment on your site.

However…you must know that CAPTCHA IS EVIL!!

Seriously! What is this crap?!?

I’m pretty sure that even if I had perfect vision I would struggle to read these things.

I’m totally not a BOT or  SPAMMER!
I really want to comment on your post…I JUST CAN’T READ THE DAMN CAPTCHA!!
Please tell me…do you comment on things when it takes you two and three and sometimes four tries just to make one comment? I really try to go ahead and comment…work through my apparent reading issues..I even try the useless Refresh button…but when everything is unsuccessful… sometimes I get so frustrated that I say “screw it” and just walk away press the little red X in the corner of my screen.
I look at this one and think “Where is the damn pie key on my computer?!?” Do they even have that? Oh my gosh! Seriously! This is ridiculous!! Just let me comment! PLEASE? Maybe if I beg…my computer will give me just ONE captcha I can read!
WTH? Aren’t these things supposed to be letters, numbers, or words or something? Since when do I need to know the square root of 2,652 to post a freaking comment!
Okay so that last one might be a tad bit of an exaggeration…but just a little one!
Here are just a few of the many EVIL forms of captcha that I encounter:
I don’t know a single person that can read this style!
This is just not fair!

My absolute least favorite form of captcha is…

Which letters do I use?!? Seriously, letters in front of letters? How is that fair?!?
Hehe…I hope I didn’t tick off too many people. I swear that was not my intention…I just had a major, huge, awesome, undeniable desire to share my thoughts with you guys after I completed my Bloglovin’ for the night! I hope you at least giggled a bit during this one 🙂

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