Wait….The Kids Will Be Here?!?

Who wants to be a stay at home mom?!?

We all idealize the concept of being a SAHM.

“Oh it is going to be fabulous! I’m going to keep the house clean, play with the kids some, do crafts, get some reading done….” the list goes on and on of our “plans”!
So my first few weeks of being a stay at home mommy went super well!

I had the baby taken care of, I was on a cleaning schedule and the house looked awesome ( I mean to the point that the hubby couldn’t tell what I did that day), I cooked dinner (although not very well), and I was able to read like crazy!

I should probably mention here that my career as a SAHM started in March. I was staying home before that but I was on bed rest and unable to do anything!

Being March…my oldest was in school. Annaliese was a new born and spent most of her time sleeping. This was totally awesome!

And then…

May came…May…oh how I hate you May! Why do I hate May? Let me count the ways…May 1-21 were okay.

May 22, I can remember the day well…I consider this day to be D-day for my house.

This was the day that my daughter graduated from 3k.

Yep, you got it! My daughter was now on the dreaded much anticipated oh who am I kidding, I was right the first time, dreaded summer break!

My four year old daughter now spends every waking moment, and she still wakes up as if school were in (which means like 6:30am), of every single day at home…with me…I’m not sure you fully grasp what I am getting at here!

My plans were now null, void, GONE!
Instead of reading, I’m running after her. Instead of cleaning on a schedule I’m trying to stay afloat and keep my house livable! Instead of crafts and playing with the kids I’m trying not to scream and locking myself in the bathroom for a free moment! Okay so I still play with them quite a bit…but you get my point!

I agreed to this whole staying at home mommy thing…but no one mentioned the kids actually being HOME!!

Now instead of a clean house I have this:

This is my child’s idea of a fort! She piles everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, that she can find and stacks it until it falls!

How can I keep my house spotless when she manages to mess it up faster than I can clean it! Don’t get me wrong, she has chores and she does them. However, even with her doing her chores the house is a mess! I am ashamed to invite people over!

I feel like I am sinking and so need someone to throw me a life preserver to get me through til August!

If it helps, Emalee misses school as much as I do! She BEGS me daily to go back. She says she loves being home with sissy and mommy but she wants to go back to school. She loves to learn and play with her friends.

With me teaching since she was born, she is used to spending her summers in school. She has never spent this much time at home! Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and I love spending time with her.

But when she is used to having several kids to keep her company and busy…

Well, let’s just say that I’m not cutting it for her and she lets me know it!

Please, please…tell me I’m not alone in this! Please tell me that some of you have the same thoughts that I do!

Tell me that you find yourself doing any one of the following things:

    • Wanting to lock yourself in a bathroom just so you can have a minute to breathe in child free air.
    • You often find yourself muttering under your breath about the length of summer.
    • Cleaning the house is NOT  a problem….it’s just keeping it clean…or even livable!
    • You feel like your intelligence has dropped AT LEAST 50 IQ points due to lack of adult interactions.
    • If you hear the theme song for your kids favorite show ONE more time you may scream and throw something at the TV.
    • You are truly and honestly bored and would kill for any excuse just to leave the house. (With or without the kids…preferably without)
    • You find yourself wishing something would break so you can call a repair man (which admittedly are not as sexy as in movies/tv shows) so you have someone to talk to.
    • If your significant other shirks household duties you feel mad….if they don’t shirk household duties you feel guilty!
    • You find yourself drinking alone often because drinking once the kids go to bed still counts as alone! Don’t judge me! Maybe I had a long day…a drink may relax me…or maybe…I just like wine!
    • Although you wish being home with you all the time made them behave better…you have to admit that often their behavior is worse than it was before you spent all this time with them!
    • You worry about how people judge your clothes. If you dress up people get suspicious, if you stay comfy you must be a lazy slob, if you dress too old you’re frumpy, and too young you’re a slut!
    • Even though you stay at home and supposedly don’t do anything all day (luckily my hubby is NOT guilty of this declaration) you still find yourself too tired for sex!
  • You often find yourself counting down the time til bed time….and then of course once they are out the time flies!Please comment below and share your ideas and thoughts on things that stay at home mommies think but rarely say!
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