2 kids + 2 haircuts + rain = H.E. double hockey sticks

It’s haircut time!!

Around here we love getting to go to the hair salon. It’s nice, relaxing and you look totally awesome when you get done!

What’s not to love right?!?

Let’s back up a little bit…I may have left out a few minor massive details.

Detail #1: This is the first haircut that Emalee has ever ASKED for! She has been begging to cut her long, beautiful hair for about two weeks now. The hubby and I are totally NOT thrilled about this! I wanted her to get some layers cut into it so that it would be easier to brush. The hubby doesn’t want it touched because “long hair is pretty”. Emalee…well she wants it above her shoulders!!!

I didn’t realize I caught a picture
of me Parasite Parenting 🙂

Detail #2: This is the first trip to the salon where I am taking BOTH girls! Hahaha go ahead and laugh! You know you want to! So maybe, just maybe, I didn’t think this through! Want to laugh a little bit more? I’m supposed to get my hair cut as well! Yes, I know…rookie mistake…don’t judge me! Maybe I was hoping to pull one of my favorite bloggers tricks?!? One Classy Motha has some great tips on Parasite Parenting!

Detail #3: IT’S RAINING!! I don’t mean it’s lightly drizzling…I mean it’s RAINING, as in: Holy Crap what now!

Details #4-7: TWO KIDS, NO UMBRELLA, RAIN, AND TEN FEET TO GO!! Oh goodness….WHAT HAVE I DONE?!? What was I thinking? This is so going to end badly!!

Once we finally made it inside, a little wet luckily I float not melt in water (if you don’t get this….well I’ sorry lol) but still in one piece, I fed Annaliese in the hopes that she would allow me to get my hair cut. Emalee decided I had to go first so she could see that the lady didn’t mess up my hair. She was so not taking that chance! Haha got to love my kid!

So I get my hair cut and love it! Anna wasn’t too bad…she played peek-a-boo with her Funny Bunny most of the time. When she started crying my stylist, along with one that didn’t have a client at the time, kept her company! Score one on the parasite parenting! Yay! Thanks Kim! Bet you didn’t know this even works when they don’t have kids with them! Hehe

Emalee (sort of) patiently played her Leap Pad and danced around the salon. Luckily, I go to an awesome family salon and they didn’t seem to mind…so long as she didn’t start running and bumping in to people causing major Oopsies in people’s hair! Sorry, no pictures of Emalee while I was getting my hair cut…I didn’t want to move wrong and end up with a major mullet or something!

Now for the moment of truth! Emalee’s hair cut!! It honestly didn’t go too badly! She sat like a big girl I so wanted to scream and cry and do whatever it took to talk her out of chopping it all off!! Don’t worry, I didn’t do it! The stylist did an excellent job! She knew that I didn’t really want all of it chopped off so she tried only cutting a little…but Emalee so wasn’t having that! So the stylist cut a little bit more, being sure to do small lengths at a time and asking Emalee if it was where she wanted it. Finally they came to an agreement on a length, so long as she added layers Emalee said! My child is such a total Diva!! I love it…most of the time! lol
Drum roll please…..The results of my sweet girl’s haircut!
Okay, so I may have a new addiction! When you mix Picasa (FREE) with Picmonkey (FREE) you get one picture editing moma! hehe I think it looks better having these collages instead of a bunch of individual pictures! Please let me know what you think!
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