Some Moments Are Too Sweet To Be Upset!

It’s Mischievous Monday time!!

All you have to do is link up to your most mischievous, devious little thing that happened in your house this week! It can be your kids or even an animal! Remember last weeks Silly Bunny post?

I always have a blast reading and writing these posts! I simply cannot wait to see what you guys share this week!

Our story for the week happened around the middle of the week. Annaliese decided to wake up screaming…

As I walk past Emalee’s door, she opens it and decides to join me in checking on her sister! She is such a sweet big sister =)

ema in crib

Of course, as soon as Annaliese sees her sister the screeching stops and the giggling begins. I hold Emalee up so that they can talk about play for a minute before I get Annaliese out of the crib.

BTW please, I beg of you, IGNORE how dirty my girls are! Apparently Annaliese spit up a lot in her sleep and Emalee had dorritos for snack in bed! Thanks for that one DAD!!

ema in crib1

You know me..and well Emalee is totally my kid…so we decided it would be a great idea to make faces for Annaliese! You see her reaction hahahah

That is a look of, “Really guys? Good morning to you too!”

Hahaha we are some sexy sexy girls! Those faces take skill!! Especially my completely twisted face of mine  =)

After a few minutes of giggling so hard my side started to hurt, I decided to go ahead and get a bottle and baby food ready (we make our own) before I get Annaliese out of the crib since she is happy for now.

While in the kitchen I can hear Annaliese just giggling away and assume Emalee is still standing in there playing with her or maybe even reaching through the rails to tickle her.

When I come back from the kitchen, bottle in hand, this is what I found!

ema in crib2

Emalee had gone to her bathroom and gotten her stool (we keep it there so she can wash her hands and brush her teeth easier). She then proceeded to climb into the crib with Annaliese!

Her excuse?

“I love my sissy…she started to cry and I knew she needed me…so I got in with her! See she’s happy!!”

I suppose the title rings true…


Have you had something happen in your house that you knew you should have been upset about…but just couldn’t?

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