So You Want To Be A Vulcan?!?

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Before I can get to the awesomeness that is Mischievous Monday’s…I must explain the title…some of you are probably confused by it…while others totally understand those that understand are totally awesome!

mischievous mondays
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Okay so explanation time!

First off, by understanding the meaning of the title of this post I will officially be welcoming you into a higher level of Dorkdom than you have ever reached.


Vulcans are those weird pointy eared logical people from Star Trek I may or may not be watching Voyager as I type this…you shall never know! Vulcans are vegetarians (possibly vegan…it’s unclear), as I used to be. Sadly…my latest spawn of a child (Annaliese) was very much carnivore and caused me to start eating meat again during my pregnancy.

While I was a vegetarian, the hubby was constantly sending me images of random veggies screaming as they were eaten…I never really thought much of it until dinner tonight!

Before I get into that…let’s explain what Mischievous Monday is for those of you that aren’t familiar with it:

It is a time where we all share moments from the week that made us shake our heads, laugh, scream or maybe even want to cry. It may have been something devious that your little one did, or animals…or even your wonderful significant other!

This week is all about ME! Haha this is a first for Mischievous Mondays which are usually centered around my wonderful girls!

So back to my story!

As we sit at the dinner table for some odd reason I was starving (after being sick for a day and a half) so I was going to town on my porkchop…the hubby was joking around about getting it straight from the pig itself. Emalee and the hubby were talking about how much of a good friend the hubby is to her and I then politely mentioned how I wanted the pig to be my friend…which lead to bouts of laughter.


Of course this made me think of how I had named our tomato plant DON’T JUDGE ME!!

I decided then that I should let the hubby in on a little secret of some of my sillier thoughts such as…

If Rosie, our tomato plant, were like the lettuce in those silly pictures…what would she think of us taking tomatoes from her???

That obviously led me to some pretty awesome places…this video shows me trying to get the perfect shot for this post!


This is the result of my efforts!


Haha my poor Rosie must be devastated every time I pick one of her babies…and often pop one into my mouth RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HER!! I’m such an evil person! Don’t you think?

I feel like I can HEAR HER screaming each time I eat one of the cherry tomatoes…yes my brain works in some awful and mysterious ways!!

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Mischievous Mondays

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