Definition of An Idiot

I asked some friends to send me the most idiotic, stupidest, silliest, just plain jaw dropping posts they have seen! 

We have all seen the posts on our wall…

You know the ones….you read it and then have to read it again just to be sure that you really read what you read?

You may even be guilty of doing one from time to time…thanks to that lovely auto-correct for making it even worse!!

If you are feeling down about yourself…be sure to check these out…I promise, you won’t feel bad for long! Unless one of these is yours….if so…well shhh…no one has to know!


Here is what they sent along with my reactions!

Definition of Idiot


I have seen this one before…but still ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!! Please…someone tell me that they are not really this stupid! This HAS to be some kind of joke…right?!?

Okay…so maybe some people are really that dumb….just to clear things up here…NO MATTER HOW MANY ARE IN THERE IT STILL ONLY TAKES THE NORMAL 9 MONTHS! (Techincally 10 because people are evil liars! But that is a whole other post!)

Definition of Idiot


You can not be serious! If you are this stupid…well yeah…you totally deserve your iOS7 to be a tad bit damp!Definition of IdiotUmm….honestly? This one left me speechless! The typos alone are pretty hilariously awful! But when you finally translate from Typonese to English…well it’s just not okay!

Definition of Idiot


Sure they did….before that we all just had to yell really freaking loud and hope that someone heard us! Maybe this person should stop #wondering lol

Definition of Idiot


So…do you want to tell them or shall I?!?

Definition of Idiot


Hahahahahaha! This one just made me laugh 🙂

Definition of Idiot

Well, yes…they do tend to have ALL floors on them…well most of the time…I think!


This guy did what I long to do on a daily basis! The way people speak on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is like nails on a chalk board to me!!

Alright guys! Now that you have seen what some of my readers and friends think are good examples as the definition of an idiot please let me know what you think! 

Don’t forget that you can use the Contact Me page, tag us on FB to share some more! I hope that you guys can add to this list and give each other some good laughs!!


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