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Okay guys…calm down…take a deep breath and then LET IT ALL OUT!

Let’s share those awesomely hilarious stories of our adorable devious little guys and gals!

That’s right…it’s time for Mischievous Monday!!

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Mischievous Mondays

I don’t have a GREAT story this week so I am hoping that you guys do!

The only real thing I can think of is that Emalee decided that it would be fun to pick up and hide just about every single toy that Anna wanted. If Anna got even somewhat close (which with her scooting instead of crawling takes her FOREVER to get anywhere) she would pick her up by her arms and gently pull her in the other direction!


However, now that I’m thinking about it…Annaliese and the HUGE mess she made with her spaghetti was a rather cute Mischievous act hehe You can head over to our Facebook page and see a video of her!

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There was a ton of cuteness in our house this week! Everything from Emalee singing Katy Perry to Annaliese checking out her sister’s Christmas tree!

Now it’s your turn! Link up your favorite Mischievous post for the week and let’s share the laughs and giggles!

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