The Creepster

Soo….it’s time for another round of awesome dinner convos in my house!



Picture it…

a nice relaxing dinner…

the hubby and I sitting at the table ALONE for once

I can’t stress the importance of this! I mean really…two kids and we manage a dinner alone?!? How the Heck?!??!??

Anyways…where was I?

Oh yes…dinner alone…just the two of us!

Christmas tree lighting the back ground…it was sort of romantic!

Then the hubby looks up and grins. I choose to ignore it…

I take a bite of my food and decide to take a huge gulp of my soda¬†I don’t drink much soda and let’s be honest with each other here…Cranberry Gingerale around holidays is THE FREAKING BEST IN THE WORLD!!

I swallow and as I start to enjoy the taste I realize it’s a bit tart….not the normal taste!

I shrug it off and keep going…when I take my second nice sized gulp of soda I hear the hubby whisper in a very creepy…mysterious…strange…and well stalker-esk voice

“Phase one…complete!” with a small almost non-there fist bump!

Umm….can you say creepy?

I keep eating and drinking…then I realize why my drink tastes funny!!!

IT HAS A LLLLOOOOOTTT of vodka in it!! Oh my gosh! I stood up and stumbled!

I now know what PHASE ONE was!!

I so don’t wanna know what phase two is hahaha anyone wanna guess what the hubby (now known as the creepster) has planned for tonight? haha

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