Manhattan Toy Review & Giveaway

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Manhattan Toy

With Christmas finally passing by…I get to start working on the girls birthdays! With this in mind I started searching for well made, engaging toys that would work for one or both of the girls. In my search I ran across The Manhattan Toy Company.

When the company offered to allow me to review a few of their toys I was thrilled! Everything looked so awesome, it took some time for us to figure out what I wanted to review…and what I wanted to save to purchase for the girls birthdays next month!

After digging through and taking some tips from a few friends, we decided on the Put & Peek Birdhouse ($33.00) for Annaliese and the Groovy Girls Princess Ariana ($20.00) and the Royal Splendor Throne ($22.00) for Emalee.

So, let’s start with the Put & Peek Birdhouse. What did I think? What did the girls think?

Put & Peek Birdhouse Manhattan Toy

It’s ADORABLE! I totally love that it has a variety of places for the birds to go in and come out of!

The Put & Peek Birdhouse is recommended for ages 9 months and up.

From the moment the box came, Annaliese was absolutely captured by the brightness and noises that this toy displays. Each bird has a small difference in the noises it makes (some rattle, some crinkle, etc.) and according to Annaliese (who is 11 months old) ALL are edible!

Put & Peek Birdhouse Manhattan Toy

The Put & Peek Birdhouse from Manhattan Toy truly made Annaliese think and engage while playing. If you can’t tell by the looks on her face in the pictures above she has a blast playing with it.

Not convinced yet?

Watch this video! She loves figuring out which hole she will find the birds in next 🙂

What about the Groovy Girls toys? What did we think of Princess Ariana and the Royal Splendor Throne?

Groovy Girls Manhattan Toy


They ROCK! Emalee and Annaliese both adore all of the Manhattan Toys that we received!

The Groovy Girls toys are both recommended for 3 years and up, however, they are built in such a way that I did not worry when Annaliese wanted to play with them.

Groovy Girls Manhattan Toy
Description from the Manhattan Toy website: “Ariana looks like she just stepped out of a fairytale. Dressed in a glamorous lavender and pink ball gown, she is a vision in silver accessories with her tiara, matching necklace, and shimmering shoes. Pink trim on her dress matches the highlights in her hair. Ariana is a perfect pal for your little princess!”

Princess Ariana and the Royal Splendor Throne are both made of soft, child friendly materials. They are super detailed and absolutely gorgeous!

Groovy Girls Manhattan Toy
Description from the Manhattan Toy website: “Seat your Groovy Girls on her rightful throne. Every girl should have royal treatment. Royal throne features fabulous prints and a sleek design. Ready for every little princess.”

The only issue I have had with these two toys is dealing with the girls fighting over who gets to play with them!

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After having these three Manhattan Toys for a few weeks and seeing how well they hold up to the girls playing with them non-stop I have to say that I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone, that’s why I am THRILLED to have the chance to do a giveaway of these exact toys for you guys!!


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