Count Down to Christmas: Elf on the Shelf

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Whether you have an Elf or you don’t, we as parents are bombarded with these things on pretty much all fronts this time of the year.

They are online.

They are at friend’s houses.

They are in books and on TV.

They have even found their way into some classrooms!

Trust me…if your child hasn’t mentioned the Elf on the Shelf yet…IT’S COMING!


I figure that it is best to prepare myself for this Invasion of the Elves and set up a pro’s Vs. cons list for this mysterious little creatures!


Okay…yeah I have to say that I ran out of Pros..I tried…really I did! (Please comment below and help me fill out that Pro side of the list!)

I get that this guy is supposed to encourage good behavior because he reports back to Santa each night. But sorry…for me this just doesn’t add up!

How can something that is constantly getting into some pretty naughty situations…

half of which are pretty risque for kids…

a few that are just plain out wrong…(don’t believe me…Google it!)

how can that possibly encourage GOOD behavior!!

I know that there are some families that do the Elf on the Shelf thing right. They don’t do mischief. They stick with silly but cute activities.

With this I go back to the fact that it’s one more thing for me to keep up with! I can easily see myself screwing this up.

Sleeping so soundly…enjoying sweet dreams of wine and bubble baths…maybe adding an extended scene to that book I’ve been reading…


I’m sitting straight up in bed wondering if I remembered to move that damn elf or not!

The solution people give for this issue is making a schedule and planning everything out ahead of time. Sure, this may help…but then I still have to wake up and figure out if I remembered to do whatever I had planned lol

Sorry…it’s still not for me!I

Want to know the overall deal breaker for me??

I just find the dang thing creepy as all get out!

Seriously?!? An Elf that only moves when I’m not looking and spies on me? Maybe I’ve watched waaaayyy too much Dr. Who and horror movies, but this just doesn’t add up to happy memories for me! I just picture this thing peeking over my bed and watching me sleep while inches from my face…possibly holding something to cause me harm!

Haha okay…maybe I’m easily freaked! Who knows!

While it is easy to see that I lean more towards NEVER allowing this creepy bastard into my house…there are reasons to accept him willingly as well!

Where do you stand? Will you be inviting an elf to join your family this year?

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