SouthernMessMoms 365 Blogger Challenge


We all know the dreaded “New Year New You” posts….they are all pretty much the same right?

Someone lists off all of the grand things that they plan on accomplishing or changing about themselves that year…then two weeks…two months…hell sometimes two days in you see them totally ignoring those very resolutions?!?

I don’t know about you guys but it drives me nuts!


Yeah…that was sort of me this year…and last year…and the year before that!

Well, that’s not true! I did manage to complete a few of my goals and came damn close on the others.

This year I decided to keep things simple!

My REALISTIC personal New Years Resolutions:

  1. Reach and maintain a weight of 130lbs or less. (That’s 8lbs to lose and keep off…I can totally do that!)
  2. Work out at least 3 times a week. (Cleaning counts right???)
  3. Finish editing my book! (I’m about halfway there now…I should be able to finish it lol)
  4. Start writing The Bold & The Reckless, my contemporary romance novel.
    • I plan on blogging about my writing process as I have been on Mommy Writes.
  5. Keep the house clean (lived in kind of clean, not spotless kind of clean).

That’s it! 

5 pretty easy things I want to do.

Last year I had a crap ton of Blogging Resolutions…most of which I failed to maintain over a long period of time. I just set myself up for too much. I ended up stressed and that just caused me to fall even further behind!

This year, I am doing a challenge instead of resolutions. I am so much better at challenges! I’m hoping to get a few of you guys to join me on this…if you do I will start a FB group for us to motivate one another!

Here is the 365 Blogger Challenge (it’s simple I swear!):

  • Post SOMETHING every day….even if it is just the picture and a caption!
  • Take and post AT LEAST one picture a day!
    • My plan is to post each night once my kids are in bed. This will give me ample opportunity to get at least one blog worthy picture and come up with something to tell you guys about each day. (I will start this tonight! EEEK!)
    • I know, I know…I am the worst about this! This is going to be the toughie! I stopped posting every day a while back because I started to worry about what people thought of my silly mom moments, my crazy kid moments…I let what others thought stop me from doing what I loved. I have decided that 2015 will focus on my family and sharing the crazy fun that we have. I won’t worry about who will question my parenting because I decided to show off my daughters stupid Barbie posing on a sink in the nude (Yeah that actually happened last year and no I didn’t set it up myself.) I have decided that I will trust that my readers know that my posts are for entertainment purposes and while most of it does happen exactly as I write I would never put my children in danger or in an inappropriate situation just for blogging fun. (Yep, I had someone accuse me of that as well!) My main point here is that I will have fun with my blog and allow you guys to join in on that fun by sharing my day to day life again. 

So? Will you join me? Comment below and let me know if you want to join in on this challenge and if you are interested in a FB group to keep one another motivated!

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