Day 1…Randomness


Welp…it’s time for my first post of the 365 Blogger Challenge!!

I hope that you are prepared for a ton of randomness haha 😀

First off I have decided that I want to TRY (key word here) to get a picture of myself each day. It may be up close or full body…or a little of both. However, I hope that by doing this I will be able to see the changes in myself as the year goes on.

If I can find a FREE and easy slideshow plugin to use I will add that to each post as well. (If you know of one that you recommend please let me know!)


As you can see…well today has not been a day focused on fashion! I spent pretty much ALL day cleaning the house and doing laundry…

Guess what?!?

Still not done!

I still need to get the kitchen and office scrubbed down…plus several loads of laundry!

Hmm…maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of my “clean” house lol

While trying to decide on a picture for this post (not just the crazy ones above) I struggled to decide which part of the day I wanted to share about…well other than the cleaning!

Did I mention that I cleaned? I even created a new cleaning schedule to keep me on track! 

Wanna see it?


So, what do you think? Like it? Feel free to print that out if you’d like! I plan on putting dots on the daily thing (one each day that I manage to do it) and then just check off the weekly stuff. Fingers crossed that this actually works for me!

Oh yeah…on to the picture of the day…which I struggled to choose!

First I thought I would go all cutesy and show you my almost 2-year-old’s refusal to sleep in her extremely comfortable bed….


Adorable right?

I swear the child can sleep anywhere!!

But then I remembered Emalee’s massive Minecraft addiction obsession fun!


Why yes…that is my wonderful 5-year-old daughter playing Minecraft while watching Minecraft on YouTube…for tips of course.

The child is in love! She would spend all day playing this game on both the PC and the Xbox if I would allow her to!

Of course, both of those things are terribly perfect for a post on my mommy based blog…but just not the PERFECT post for the New Year!

When I was just about to give up and let the idea of a perfect post go…

I ran across this from last night…


So there you have it!

My very first post of 2015 and my first post in the 365 Blogger Challenge!

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