Day 5…Super Heroes & Make-up

I’m pretty sure that all moms, at least those with girls, know the joy of make-up.

My oldest got a new set for Christmas…which I was totally okay with. It doesn’t bother me one bit for my girls to play with make-up, I simply make it a point to remind them that they look beautiful before they put a single bit of it on. I want to be sure that they don’t feel the need to cake it on as they get older…even though I’m sure they will go through that stage…most girls do.

Anyways….with that being said…

While I KNEW that the girls were playing with Emalee’s new make-up set while I worked on some sewing projects…

While I said “Sure honey…you guys can be superheroes. That sounds like a great idea!”

While I had ever intention of using kid friendly make-up wipes before bath time to make sure that they were clean…

While I expected them to look like some very interesting clowns and possible street walkers…

While I had all of this in my mind…I did NOT expect this…




I may have…sort of…just a little bit…

FORGOTTEN or missed the fact that the pretty new make-up set comes with freaking BLACK eye-shadow! I swear on all that is good…this crap did not want to come off! I literally had to SCRUB their faces!!

It was as bad as markers…and even after scrubbing and bath time…they still have black eyes!!

**Emalee said that she was Wonder Woman and with the look on Annaliese’s face…she had to be the nemesis! 🙂 **

And last but not least in this awesome little post…here is my daily selfie!




Woohoo! You can see the purple really well today! If only it stayed this bright for more than a wash or two!

Any recommendations on dyes/stains to use that won’t fry my hair, don’t require me to bleach it first (this one is a stain that doesn’t) and may last longer?

How was your day? Anything crazy happen?

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