Day 4…Gamer Chick


Yeah…so I’m a gamer chick…what of it?

Why is it so hard to believe that a mom can be just as big of a gamer as her hubs? I just don’t get it!

Every time I tell someone I am a gamer I get pretty much the same damn reaction…

“Wow, really? I never would have guessed”

Okay…so maybe I’m being kind or maybe I’m exaggerating! Who knows!

In all honesty, reactions vary a bit. If I’m playing an online game and other gamers realize that I am not only a chick, but a mom of two young girls…oh it is on like donkey kong!

Let the insults start flying!

Apparently…being a gamer chick is tantamount to being morbidly obese and horribly ugly/unlovable.


What kind of sense does that crap make??

Just because I enjoy PC games (and a few console ones as well…board games too come to think of it) as much as my hubby does not necessarily mean that I am unattractive…does it?

While I will admit to having self-confidence issues…even I don’t think I am horribly unattractive.

Here is where I’ll pop in my #DailySelfie 🙂 Enjoy!


Come on people..wake up! 

Chicks can be gamers, too!

Even cute ones!

Now if we jump on over to the IRL (In Real Life) reactions…well those aren’t typically much better!

Yep, these people know what I look like…they know that I have two amazing little girls…and because of that I get one of two reactions:

“Well now, isn’t that something you should have outgrown by now?”


(MY personal fave…) “Aren’t you being a bad influence?”

My response to both is pretty much the same…

I smile, shrug and say “I enjoy gaming in moderation. It’s not something I spend my whole day doing. I would never neglect my kids, my hubby or my house over a game. Hell, most of the time my kids and my hubby are involved in the game as well and we find it a fun way to bond.”

From the looks on people’s faces and the words that fly out of their mouths unchecked, you would think that I had just admitted to doing drugs with my kids!

So maybe I don’t get all of that out…or say it in exactly the same way. But I get my point across…that is unless I’m in a really bad mood…then they just get a simple “None ya…”

My point to this post?

Well I’m not sure that there is one…other than to remind everyone to be kind and understanding…maybe even a little bit accepting of other people and the way that they live their lives. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a gamer, so long as it doesn’t take over your life!

What about you? Do you have a hobby that other people judge you too harshly for?

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